References, Althans Bela Ewald


From contacts established by Ron Furey, it is obvious that
Ewald Althans is not the neo-Nazi leader that the press has,
over the years, made him out to be. Though intelligent and well-
spoken, Althans’ extravagant lifestyle and sexual preference have
made him a pariah within the movement. When Furey asked the neo-
Nazi leadership about the possibility of meeting with Althans,
several simultaneously answered, “We don’t want another Michael
Kuhnen.” (Kuhnen, a one-time major leader of Germany’s neo-Nazis,
died of AIDS while in prison.)

Althans, however, is apparently not totally out of favor
with the Carto organization (see separate entry). He has
attended two of the most recent conventions of the Institute for
Historical Review. While Althans has been played up in the past,
it is obvious that he has fallen from grace.

Source: Simon Wiesenthal Center Infiltration Report (fascism SWC.oprep)