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An extensive Holocaust-related book store and bibliography is available.

In the future, as we locate sources of material specific to the IHR and Willis Carto, we will add them to this section.

We have published several Holocaust-related FAQ’s previous to this one, and all are available via anonymous ftp (see the beginning of this document for specifics). These research guides also provide specific bibliographic citations.

Of specific value in dealing with Holocaust denial is our Features section.


Suggesting Reading

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NCLC: The National Caucus of Labor Committees, organized by followers of Lyndon LaRouche. For a comprehensive look at LaRouche and the NCLC, see King.


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* However, the Spotlight has referred to Liberty Lobby as the publisher of the Spotlight-see Section 4.2, first paragraph. Most likely Cordite Fidelity is some sort of holding company.

** The reference to the Nazi-style attire of Tyndall in the Hill book comes from the caption of an un-numbered page which is one of the photographs (“plates” I would call them) in the center of the book between pages 160 and 161. Page 61 (sixty-one) describes the Spearhead paramilitary group and its breakup by police.