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“However, a) there is no evidence that the Nazis had a plan or policy of exterminating the Jews, b) […]

Greg Raven, April 20, 1994 [page not ready]

“The Jewish people is being exterminated […] it’s in our program.”

Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler [page not ready], October 4, 1943 [page not ready]


  • Correspondence with Mr. Raven [page not ready], including material relating to his refusal to provide cross-links to the Nizkor Project and errors and misrepresentations relating to the Raven/IHR site.

Analysis of Greg Raven’s excuses for not cross-linking

  • Raven’s claim: He’s not the President and CEO of the IHR [page not ready]. (But he is the head of that organization, whatever his title, and he is the President and CEO of the parent organization. A legal quibble, not a “substantive falsehood.”) See Mr. Raven’s comments on the September 1995 version of this page: his Usenet article [page not ready] of October 1995, or the web page [broken link] version (the content is the same).
  • Raven’s claim: His is not an “IHR WWW site” [page not ready]. (The term “IHR WWW site” is objectionable when Ken McVay uses it. But the IHR itself refers to it as the “IHR Web-Site.”)
  • Raven’s claim: There is no “Nazi, neo-Nazi, or Holocaust-denial material” on his web site. (response not prepared yet)
  • Raven’s claim: McVay and McCarthy are “more inclined to personal attacks” than to “a free exchange of positions.” (response not prepared yet)



Questions for Mr. Raven

See also Greg Raven’s FTP directory [page not ready].