Rascher experiments wager, Bellinger Joseph

G [email protected] writes:
> > [email protected] (Yale F. Edeiken) writes:
> > > [email protected] writes:

> > :>At Dachau–“The Sky Ride Wagon” was the contrivance
> > :>which the prisoners nicknamed and feared. It was
> > :>devised to test human guinea pigs in the fields of pressure
> > :>and temperature. Dr. Sigmund Rascher, a German Air Force
> > :>medical captain, made one of the last entries in the
> > :>experiment journals containing data on “The Sky Ride Wagon”.
> > :>It was that “blood does not boil at 70,000 feet”. This medical
> > :>sadist, during experiments for the German Air Force, discovered
> > :>the heart of a human guinea pig was still beating during an
> > :>autopsy.”

> > No. Volunteers were sought at first *for extra rations* once the word
> got around
> > the camp no volunteers were forthcoming. Nor were the “volunteers”
> necessarily criminals,
> > let alone murderers. Volunteers were sought from the general labor
> assignment pool. “The
> > Buchenwald Report” page 370

> > In other words Bellinger you’re wrong again.

> > > It seems that the subjects knew the risks involved when they
> > > made the decision to volunteer for the experiments.

> > Again not true.

> > > If Rascher did indeed over-step his authority, this would
> > > have been a matter for the Criminal Police.

> > You live in a real fantasy world.

> > > I find
> > > it curious that this communication was alleged to have
> > > been found in Himmler’s files, but NO other reference
> > > exists to this alleged correspondence.
> >
> > I find it curious that you open your lying mouth without looking at
> the evidence.
> > The subject of Rascher’s “experiments” was extensively covered at the
> “Doctor’s Trial.”
> > Moreover, it is well-known that Rascher was under Himmler’s perosnal
> protection (Rietlinger
> > “The SS: Alibi of a Nation” page 261). He even visited Rascher at Dachau
> and perosnlly
> > checked out his “experiments.” (“The Buchenwald Report” page 370)

> > In other words, Bellinger, you are, as usual, full of shit.

> Reply: I ask for evidence and Yale refers me
> to a Kangaroo court. Typical. I must not
> presume that no evidence exists.

I’ll tell you what, asshole. I’ll make a llittle bet. $1,000.

That’s right, asshole, $1,000 American money.

The terms of the bet are simple. I bet $1,000 that an impartial tribunal (I
suggest the American Arbitration Association) will find that the documents and the
testimony cited above constitute evidence of Rasher’s experiments.

Conditions are:

1. Federal Rules of Evidence to be used.

2. Federal Rules of Civil Procedure relating to discovery and Rule 52 to be

3. Loser pays all arbitration fees and transcription costs.

4. Stakes to be held by in the attorney’s trust of Michael Usher, esq. of
Allentown PA (attorney negotiable) account to include the amount of the stake plus
the arbitrator’s fees and an authorization to release funds based on report of

If Bellinger refuses we can presume he admits that the evidence of
Rasher’s experiments is sufficient.

Now come and play in my ballpark, asshole.


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