Rape stats, Griswold Leslie

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I wrote to friend of mine at the Bureau of Justice Statistics. He wrote

Subject: Re: Help with a stat?

Hi Lisa,
This is what I have regarding data from the National Crime Victimization
Survey (NCVS) for 1992. This is from our publication, Criminal Victimization
in the US, 1992, Table 47. The data represent single offender victimizations-
multiple offender victimizations are pretty small. Anyhow, for white
victims of rape, there were approximately 57,000 instances in which the
victim said the offender was white; about 10,000 instances in which
the white victim said the offender was black. For black victims,
there were 0 instances in which the black victim said the offender was
white; about 20,000 instances in which the black victim said a black
offender raped them. Please note that our definition of rape includes
both male and female rape, although male rape is very, very small. These
numbers include both male and female rape. Also note that we are dealing
with sample survey data, which means that the instance of 0 cases above
could be plus or minus some value because of sampling, but it would probably
be a small value.

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