Pyotr Goncharov

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Goncharov places Marchenko at Treblinka during his Soviet interrogation

[Transcription note: Names have been Anglicized. knm.]

Translated excerpts of March 6, 1951 Soviet interrogation of former Treblinka death camp guard Pyotr Nazarovich Goncharov.

“Ivan Marchenko (patronymic I do not know), served in the Soviet army, captured by the German forces at some point. While a POW was recruited into volunteer service in the concentration death camp “Trawniki” in the Lublin region (voyevodstvo tr.) (Poland) as an SS guard.
“After completing military training at the Trawniki camp together with me he continued to serve in the SS command of the death camp “Treblinka”, where he as an armed guard of the prisoners, took part in the extermination of the prisoners in the gas chambers (‘dushehubka’ tr.) killing the prisoners. He also took part in shooting prisoners.
“Where he continued to server after October 1943, I do not know as I was transferred to a different detatchment and he remained in “Treblinka.”
“The present whereabouts of Marchenko are not known to me.”