Proposal of an ‘Aggressive Response’

The following is mail sent from Matt Giwer to an unknown list of recipients.

Ironically, this email was sent the morning of the very same day that his account was suspended for mailbombing (see Giwer, Email bomb header – his assertion “I do not promote mail bombing” is pure hypocrisy).

Giwer has a very warped idea of what constitutes an “attack post” (see Followups why, Giwer Matt) and he appears to agree that any person posting to alt.revisionism who is Jewish is by definition a spammer and flamer (see You are not welcome, Giwer Matt)

Thus, when he says “all abuses will be met with the same response,” an “aggressive response,” it is quite likely that he is soliciting volunteers to heap yet more net-abuse on unsuspecting, innocent participants on Usenet. It would appear that Netcom was not a moment too soon in requiring that he either comply with their terms of service, or lose access.

Jamie McCarthy, September 10, 1996

Matt Giwer writes:I realize that no one here is interested in abusing the net.

However, holohuggers are ioterested in abusing the net with mailbombing, mail forgery and the like.

I propose that we work together.

For any reported mailbombing or forgery or any other reported abuse of the net I propose we all respond as a group to any and all of these abuses of the internet.

I propose tha all abuses be met with the same response.

Staying back and playing victims is playing Jewish.

I propose an aggressive response. We are going to to be hung as sheep or as lambs. If we do not hang together we will hang separately.

I will swear that I will complain to any ISP who part of any mail bombing or any harrassment in additino to any mailbomber. I will swear that I will attack anyone who abuses the internet against revisionism.

I see no reason for anyone taking responsibility for this. It is simply responding in kind. If there is a need to take responsibility, I will do so as the author of this post. I do not care.

I am promted to post this as CODOH reports a mailbombing after the many mailbombings I have received from [email protected].

This can be the greatest internet battle ever and bring media attention to other side (our side) of the debate.

I do not promote mail bombing, rather I promote protest until they stop.

For example I have complained to more times than you might imagine but does not give a damn about the harrassment. They are part of it.

Many sites, such as CODOH, have been bombed by holohugging terrorists as a matter of course for them.

Let me be clear. Anyone who can do this sort of thing has the approval of their ISP if they are not terminated after the second complaint. That means that is an harrassng orgainzation.

If anyone disagrees, please post.

Anyone who agrees, let us post to host of these abusers of the net.