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Richard J. Green wrote:
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Matt Giwer <[email protected]> wrote:
> > The fact is repetition is an artifact of those who have such a
> >simplistic view as “as war is a war” as history does not repeat
> >itself. Accumulations of simplistic ideas do not right belong in the
> >category of remembering.
> Help! Translation needed! What does the above paragraph say?

Having lately studied under the tutelage of the great scholar of Giwerundean,
Dr. McVay, I think I can give it a try. It seems to be Classical Giwerish of
the Post-Hooch period. It is most certainly not plain prose, although such
mundane interpretations have previously been attempted by those ignoring the
fact that during the Post-Hooch period the typographic conventions of
punctuation and division into lines and stanzas had not yet been developed.
Note the flowing eloquence of the initial statement “The fact is repetition is
an artifact,” so much reminiscent of the flow-of-consciousness narratives of
Gertrude Stein or the mescaline-induced poetry of Huxley’s Doors of
Perception, is actually a self-referential poetic manifesto in echoing rhymes
of “fact” and “artifact” suggesting that the poet’s “factual” knowledge is
really just “art.” The poet fondly elaborates on his creed, a creed which we
have become so familiar with in the inspired works of those naturally
felicitous bards and children of nature such as Horace and Heine: “of those
who have such a simplistic view”, with the frequentative “simplistic” denoting
a higher order of “simple” as the greatest good. He has left behind the
rigours of the harsh Giwerundean life: “as war is war (1) / as history does
not repeat itself” ; the mere practice of belligerence is after all just
vexation of spirit and one never knows the outcome. Weary of a reality that
is in constant flux and rivers that one cannot step into twice, he has
retreated to the simple life. “Accumulation of simplistic ideas,” typical
Giwerundean metaphor meaning “inner fulfilment through the simple life” with
the caveat “Do not right!” with the verb “right” in the meaning of “rectify,
attempt to change” and closing with the immortal self-admonition “Belong in
the category of remembering” a haunting figure, virtually untranslatable, an
abstract kenning if you like, being an exhortation to the common joys of
senescence and most closely approximated by the modern slang vituperative
“dream on.”

(1) Quotation-marks rejected. Most probably defects on surface defacing
original inscription.

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