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>In the six months or so I have been posting on alt. revisionism, I have
>been the object of a well-orchestrated and blistering smear campaign.
>If I had chosen the easy route, I would be hailed as an invincible champion
>of truth by the Nizkorites. Since I cannot bring myself to agree with their
>opinions lock, stock, and barrel, I am vigorously attacked in a number of
>different ways. Over the past six months I have been accused of the
>following by various Nizkor promoters:


>h. A pederast—-Danny Keren, Chuck Feree, John Morris (Implied)

I hate to post and repost the same disclaimer, but obviously you are
some kind of nut who lies and distorts the facts out of some sort of
irresistible compulsion.

I have a private e-mail from you where you apologized *to me* over
this whole matter. Do I have to violate that confidence in order for
you to stop bringing up the same stupid distortion over and over and
over again?

Here is my explanation, once again, which you have avoided responding
to in public but which you accepted in private and which prompted your
private apology:

Apparently, you are as lacking in good humor as you are in the ability
to recognize irony, so I will spell this out for you.

You started a thread under the subject heading “For the Benefit of Mr.
Kike.” When it was objected in passing that the term “kike” was
offensive because it is commonly understood to be a derogatory term,
rather than showing the good grace to admit that the parody was
perhaps tasteless and ill-conceived, you dismissed the objection with
an airy wave and went on to argue that, because you were not a racist,
you could have no derogatory intentions.

In order to illustrate to you the disingenuousness of your position, I
called you a “pederast” and was very clear that I, just like you, had
redefined a term and, thus, stripped it of all its offensive
connotations. I was, of course, being ironic. Of course, “pederast” is
an offensive term just as “kike” is an offensive term. But rather than
take the point that you cannot simply redefine a word, or use it in a
parody, without recognizing that the word has offensive connotations,
you instead tossed of a one-liner calling me an “asshole”.

But that was not enough for you, was it? No, you had to jump threads
and undertake a completely gratuitous attack on me in a thread where
Matt Giwer has carried on a respectful and decent discussion. He has
been respectful and decent towards me, and I suspect that he is
reciprocating the same attitude that I have taken with him.

Further to your inability to detect the irony of my calling you a
pederast, may I remind you that I was your sole defender when the
innuendo was going around that you might in fact be a pederast because
someone had discovered a post from your account trolling for teenaged
boys. If you missed my defense of you, I suggest you search Dejanews
on the subject “Pederasty Allegation” and the author “John Morris”.

Perhaps the next time insults start to get out hand, I won’t bother
asking others to stop, since it appears that, for Joseph Bellinger, no
good deed should go unpunished.

I can see now that your request not to reveal your apology publicly
simply played on my decency so that you could lie about my intentions
and what I may or may not have “implied.”

Now, as to that apology, you told me that you thought it “insensitive”
that I should choose pederasty to make my analogy. Exactly. I knew the
term would sting, and I very much hoped that it would sting, and I was
right: it is did sting. The whole point was to bring you to some sort
of awareness of just how offensive the term “kike” is, of how much its
use might sting even if you had no antisemitic intention in using it.

You don’t get it, and that, to my mind, betrays your own fundamental

As for the rest of your complaints, you neglect to mention that you
have given as good as you got, that you have smeared and insulted
others with as much abandon. Indeed, there have been days when you
have posted dozens of messages containing nothing more than one line
insults and smears.

I am sorry if you are incapable of making a truthful, intelligent
argument and of holding you own in a discussion, but acting like a
sucky baby is not going to win your points either.

And that, too, is on the Dejanews “permanent record.”

John Morris
at University of Alberta

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