Piper letter 1093, Cole David

ogwiqcim, October21,1993
Dr Franciszek Piper
Pa’nstwowe Muzeum
32-603 Ogwiecim -Poland

Texas School Publications
University of Texas
P.O.Box D
Austin,Texas 78713-8904
Dear Sirs,

In connection with an advertisement of David Cole (An open
letter to the daily Texan, February 19, 1993) in which he offers
the videotape named “David Cole -Interviews Dr Franciszek
Piper” I would like to inform your readers:

1. the sham interview with me there is the Neonazi
stylemonologue of young man who never seriously approached the great
tragedy of humanity named Auschwitz and Holocaust. In his
ingenuousness he decided to halt the part of the murderers
instead of their innocent victims – different every
honest man does. My answers on a few questions of Cole ( who
deceitfully introduced himself as a man who wanted to convince his
acquaintances in America that Auschwitz was really a place of
genocide) constitute a small proportion of this video tape.

2. In his advertisement he introduces me as a “Head of
Auschwitz Archives at the Auschwitz State Museum”. This is
untruth. I am not and I have been neither a head of Auschwitz Archives
nor a director of Auschwitz Musum, as Cole maintains in
other propaganda leaflets. The purpose of such manipulation
with of facts is clear – to attract potential purchasers of his
“Interview” video tape.

3. Cole maintains that I first time admitted the allegedly
unknown fact the Nazis adapted the crematorium in question in
which the gas chamber were located for air-raid shelter, the fact
allegedly unknown even for Museum guides. It is un truth. See
enclosed copies of pages from the books which constitute the
fundamental reading for Auschwitz guides. In book by T-an Sehn
“Concentrat Camp Ogwiqcim-Brzezinka (Auschwitz-Birkenau)Warsaw 1957,
You may read on the page 152-“In May 1944 the old Crematorium
I in the base camp was adapted for use as an air raid shelter

The Fact is also confirmed in the book by Jean Claude Pressac
“Auschwitz: Technique and operation of the gas chambers,
published by The Beate Klarsfeld Foundation, New York 1989(515
Madison Avenue. On the page 157 you may read: “With part of the
building converted to an air raid shelter, this is the state in which
the SS abandoned Krematorium I in January 1945” Repeating what
Pressac had written I told what was the nature of the
adaptation works carried out by the Nazis and what one had to do to
remove those changes in order to regain the previous appearance.
They aare all “Pipers revelations. In spite of the fact that
such secondary restoration works had to be done there is an
undisputable reality that the gas chamber in question is housed in the same
builldin which has been existed from prewar times till now.

4. The fact that the Nazi murderers used gas chambers (in
Birkenau you can see the ruins of the other 5 gas chambers) for
mass annihilation of innocent men, women and children, mostly
Jews, has been proved by thousands of memoires and depositions of
eyewitnesses as well as by German official documents and plans.
It is obvious fact for everybody who wants to approach the
problem, to contact still living witnesses and to study historical

5. I have devoted 28 years of my life to save the memory of
the counless victims of the Nazi barbarity to warn people against
indifference to all forms of racial, religious and national
based hatered, which leads to injustice, suffering and killing
of innocent people. Because of it I take the fact my name is
used for disseminating such kind of lies and hiding of the obvious
truth as a lack of honesty and dignity.


DrFranciszek Piper

PS Send me please the copy ofyour magazine in which my letter will be

[transcription note: Dr. Piper’s first language is Polish, not
English, and the letter reads awkwardly. knm]

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