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> Has anyone read THE PINK SWASTIKA yet????

> This new and important book documents the homoerotic and
> black occult foundations of Nazi militarism and the Holocaust.
> Order by calling x-xxx-xxx-xxxx
“New”? “Important?”

Here we have Kevin Abrams, co-author of the book (if I’m making
the correct assumption about the “a” in “kevina”) having the gall
to brand his own book as “new” and “important”. Shall we leave
that to the critics, Mr. Abrams?

Shall we also point out that your co-author is Scott Lively,
communications director of the rabidly anti-gay Oregon Citizens
Alliance, force behind anti-gay campaigns all over the West? Is it just
possible that your agenda is to smear lesbian/gay people
with the broadest brush possible?

Shall we point out that you authored an article “Protocols of the
Elders of Sodom”? Should we find any surprise in the irony that
you chose to mimic the title and approach of a myth-ridden
anti-Jewish screed (commonly used by White Power advocates to
fuel their anti-Jewish tirades) to perpetrate a similar slur
against another group?

There’s nothing either “new” or “important” about a book that
belongs on every far right wing fundamentalist bookshelf. This is
for haters, not mere “believers.”

The ultimate irony lies in the use of the same kind of over
generalizations and outright lies as were used by the Nazis
themselves to defame Jews — and yes, lesbian/gay people — to
perpetrate yet another fraud against one of the same groups that
ended up in the concentration camps.

What pure, unadulterated junk. Call it what it is: hate

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