Pinckney hoax 1, Franklin Benjamin

NSWPP-CSU wrote:
> From the written records of CHARLES PINCKNEY of South
> Carolina, of the proceedings during the drafting of the
> Constitution in 1789 concerning the statement of BENJAMIN
> FRANKLIN at the convention concerning Jewish immigration.
> (Original in the Franklin Institute, Philadelphia.)
Ridiculous and well-known hoax snipped

Oh My Gawd! Winston, I can’t believe that you are hauling out this hoary
old piece of toast — where did you find it? In some ancient dusty
books in William Pierce’s private library?

A bright well-read fella like yourself must, of course, know that the
“Benjamin Franklin Hoax” you are reporting here was first circulated in
the US in 1934 by William Dudley Pelley, fascist, Hitler supporter and
“fifth Columnist”. He was leader of the “Silver Shirts” (SS…get it?)
that spawned future leaders of the Aryan Nations, KKK and Posse
Comitatus. He attributed it to the private diary of Charles Pinckney of
South Carolina, who was a delegate to the Constitutional Convention of
1787. When Pelley was challenged, he claimed to have taken it from a
copy of the diary that was supposedly the property of an unidentified
descendant of Pinckney.

The diary was supposedly in the Franklin Institute at Philadelphia, Pa.
In August, 1938, Henry Butler Allen, the librarian of the Institute,
issued a statement about this:

“Reports have been widely circulated for several years, off and on,
saying that Dr. Franklin made a speech during the Constitutional
Convention against the Jewish race…This private diary has not been
produced. Historians and librarians have not been able to find it or
any record of it having existed. The historians have said further that
some of the words and phraseology used in the quoted speech cast doubt
on its colonial origin…The truth is, we [the Franklin Institute] DO
NOT possess the notorious diary.”

Dr. Allen pointed out that Ben Franklin was the same guy who donated
five pounds to the Hebrew Society of Philadelphia to help build a
Synagogue AND he signed an appeal to “citizens of every religious
denomination” asking for contributions. This is supposed to be the same
guy who delivered an anti-Semitic speech, according the the mysterious,
unnamed descendent of Charles Pinckley??

Speaking of that speech by Franklin — such a speech would surely have
elucidated comments by other delegates. Gee — I wonder why there are
NO speeches on record by other delegates in response to Franklin’s

Well, actually, I don’t wonder — I KNOW why. He didn’t make the speech
and YOU, sir, were the victim of a hoax.

Sleep well, Harry.

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