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Nazis shouldn’t teach in our schools – Paul Fromm, get outta town!
You make me frown, nazi clown.

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(This march is taking place in Toronto, Canada!)

Meet at the 519 Community Centre
519 Church St.
North of Wellesley
At 4:00 PM
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# Nazi Supporter #

* In 1981, Fromm became treasurer of the Metro Progressive Conservative
Party. He was fired after he said in a newspaper interview that belief
in a supreme race “is a good idea” and that Indochinese refugees should
be sent to desert islands because “their influx into Canada will upset
the racial balance.”

* On December 8, 1990, Fromm spoke at a Heritage Front rally alongside
some of Canada’s most extreme racist organizations: the fascist
paramilitary Church of the Creator, the Women’s Aryan Union, and the
Canadian Alliance. Fromm denied having gone to the rally until a video
tape surfaced showing him speaking with a number of Nazi and white power
flags behind him. When speaking to the group, he stated, “We’re all on
the same side,” and was greeted by the Nazi salute.

* Fromm spoke again at a public Heritage Front meeting on September 5,
1991. He also spoke at a celebration of Hitler’s birthday in April,
1992 at a meeting of the far-right Northern Foundation in Ottawa with
homophobic and anti-choice leader Ken Campbell.

* On September 24, 1991, Fromm was ejected from a meeting of Toronto’s
Mayor’s Committee on Race Relations for yelling “Scalp ’em!” while
Rodney Bobiwash of the Native Canadian Centre was speaking.

* On November 7, 1992, Fromm went to Victoria, B.C. to speak on behalf of
Holocaust-denier David Irving, who was deported from Canada on Nov. 13.

# Longtime Racist Organizer #

* While still a student at the University of Toronto, Paul Fromm
co-founded the “anti-communist” Edmund Burke Society with notorious
racist Don Andrews. Within five years, this group became the explicitly
neo-Nazi Western Guard.

* As director of the Canadian Association for Free Expression Inc., Fromm
supports well-known racists like Ernst Zundel whose hate literature
denies that the Holocaust in Nazi Germany happened and supports
hate-mongers like Philippe Rushton, James Keegsta, and Malcolm Ross.

* Fromm’s other front group, Citizens for Foreign Aid Reform Inc. (C-FAR),
advocates racist restrictions on immigration and foreign aid. Founded
in 1979, their newsletter publishes racist doctrines like, “We’re living
in a minority-occupied country”, and “documents” crimes committed by
immigrants to Canada. In a 1989 C-FAR letter, Fromm laid out a plan for
the organization, emphasizing building strength by “recruiting young
people… to develop the leaders of tomorrow!”

# High School Teacher #

Paul Fromm works as an English teacher at Applewood Heights Secondary
School in the Peel Region. Fromm’s presence in the school creates an
atmosphere of intimidation and fear and fuels racial tensions in the

The Peel Board of Education refused to take action on Fromm even after
viewing a video of his speech at the Heritage Front rally and listening
to testimony by both the Canadian Jewish Congress and Klanbusters on his
racist activities. The Peel Board has issued two reprimands with a
warning that Fromm’s participation in further activities could result in
his dismissal. Fromm ignored this and spoke in Victoria on a platform
with David Irving last November.

Upset at the lack of action, groups including the Native Canadian
Centre, the Ontario Native Women’s Association, the 519 Church Street
Community Centre, Anti-Racist Action, Klanbusters, the Canadian Jewish
Congress, Citizens Against Racism and the Urban Alliance on Race
Relations held a press conference October 21, 1992, at which they
demanded a review of Fromm’s right to teach by the Ontario Ministry of

The Peel Board also requested this review, and in November of 1992,
Education Minister Tony Silipo appointed an indepenent advisor to
investigate Fromm’s effect on the school community. The Cowan report
was released on March 17, 1993.

The Cowan Report states that Fromm’s racist activities violated sections
of the Education Act and breached the Peel Board of Education’s
Multicultural and Race Relations Policy as well as the Regulations of
the Ontario Teacher’s Federation.
| |
| The report states that: |
| |
| “…Mr. Fromm is not committed to the policies respecting |
| ethnocultural equity, multiculturalism and anti-racism that are |
| fundamental to the educational system in this province.” |
| |
| “In reviewing the activities of Mr. Fromm in this context, I believe |
| Mr. Fromm did not fulfill his duties as a teacher to set a positive |
| example consistent with the core values expressed by or implicit in |
| s.264 (1) (c) of the Education Act.” |
| |
| “As a result of my investigation, I have concluded that Mr. Fromm’s |
| presence as a teacher has an adverse effect on the school community.” |
| |

We want the Minister to know that we expect him to take responsibility
for the fact that racists are teaching and organizing in our schools.
The Education Minister must act now to remove Paul Fromm from the

No student should have to be subjected to the racist ideologies and
practices of Paul Fromm !!!
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| ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ |
| |
| * Paul Fromm’s teaching certificate be revoked. |
| |
| * Mr. Fromm be fired from his teaching position. |
| |
| * Priority be given to anti-racist education NOW. |
| |
| * Other teachers with links to racist or neo-Nazi groups |
| like the Heritage Front and the Church of the Creator |
| be investigated. |
| |

Your involvement is the key to ARA’s success, whether in educational
campaigns, out on the street, or in “Rock Against Racism” gigs.

ARA has been helping high school students to build their own
independent ARA groups in their schools. On January 19, ARA launched
its campaign in Toronto high schools, with a mass rally and march and
march co-organized with other anti-racists beginning from Riverdale
High School in the east end of Toronto. Young anti-racists have
joined forces to show fascist organizers that they have a bigger
fight on their hands than they anticipated.


* Get informed, knowledge is power!

* Bring anti-racists to speak in your school!

* Rip down racist posters, why don’tcha!

* Expose racist teachers at your school!

* Confront racists!

* Organize student anti-racist groups in your school!

* Join existin’ anti-racist groups!

If you want to join Anti-Racist Action, start an ARA group in your
school or just get more information, contact us at our mailing
address or leave a message for us on the KLANBUSTERS HOTLINE: (416)

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B.T.W. you can also e-mail me at [email protected]


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