Partners in Bigotry The LaRouche Cult & the Nation of Islam

Conspiracies in Common

So what do they agree on? Not much – except that tired song of the demagogue, that some of the world’s ugliest problems are spawned and furthered by conspiracies involving Jews.

The LaRouche cult – whose leader, 71-year-old, Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr., was just paroled from federal prison after serving time for his role in defrauding a series of elderly persons of more than $30 million, in many cases of their life savings – blames prominent Jews and Jewish families, organizations and businesses for organized crime and international drug trafficking. The announcement a year and a half ago for a joint Nation of Islam/ LaRouche program at Howard University trumpeted, “The ADL is historically indistinguishable from organized crime and the bankers and financiers who operate the $500 billion drug trade known as DOPE INC.” NOI officials have parroted this conspiratorial LaRouche claptrap in recent statements. Conrad Muhammad, who runs the NOI’s mosque No.7 in New York told The New Yorker in February 1994, “. .Why not condemn the criminal activities and the charges that have been laid at [the ADL’s] door that they were a front organization for Meyer Lansky and other gangsters?”

Farrakhan’s tabloid, The Final Call, has editorialized more broadly on the theme of “Vile plots being hatched against Black people by clandestine organizations dominated by Jewish interests, including the…apartheid system, which was helped to be formed by Jewish doctors.”

Prominent Farrakhan follower Steve Cokely, has charged an international “secret society’ exists to oppress blacks and create a single world government run by Jews. In the same speech, Cokely kid the AIDS epidemic to doctors, especially Jewish ones, injecting black babies with the AIDS virus. Said Farrakhan, “Cokely spoke the truth.”

The “international Jewish conspiracy” theme surfaces in both camps. LaRouche has endorsed the notorious Czarist forgery, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, stating that a “corrected version…would stipulate that the evil paths cited were actually the practices of…B’nai B’rith….” In turn, the Protocols and Henry Ford, Sr.’s The International Jew have been sold in bookstores owned by Nation of Islam supporters.[2]

Both groups have echoed the classic a anti-Semitic blood libel that the Jews killed Christ. In the world according to LaRouche, “It was the Jewish Sadducees who crucified Christ and the same faction in Rome who prompted the Emperor Nero to launch the centuries-long ‘holocaust’ against the Christians.” Last year Farrakhan’s national spokesman, Khalid Abdul Muhammad, stated, “it is a known fact that the Jews have been an enemy of Jesus” and they “sought to kill the Messiah.” And in his 1994 Savior’s Day speech, Farrakhan told followers, “they didn’t want to hear what he said. And they trumped up lies on Him and they killed Him. Right to this day Jews don’t believe in Jesus….”

Both organizations have cozied up to white supremacist groups. The LaRouche network has employed Ku Klux Klan members as security consultants, notably Roy Frankhauser, a two-time felon lately of the United Klans of America. Among Frankhauser’s convictions was one involving explosives in connection with a school bus bombing in Pontiac, Mich. Representatives of Farrakhan invited former Klansman Tom Metzger and several members of his White American Political Association (now called White Aryan Resistance – WAR) to a 1985 Los Angeles Coliseum appearance by Farrakhan. Later Metzger’s group donated $100 to Farrakhan. According to Metzger, he and Farrakhan’s people exchanged “intelligence.”[3]

Both the LaRouche organization and the Nation of Islam promote ignorant and distorted claims concerning the Holocaust. The LaRouche tabloid has referred to “the mythical ‘six million Jewish victims’ of the Nazi ‘holocaust,”‘ asserting that a million and a half Jews perished, and that Hitler was put in power by prominent Jewish banking families. The cult continues to vilify the Office of Special Investigations of the U.S. Department of Justice and defend accused Nazi war criminals and German rocket scientists who used slave laborers while working under the Nazi regime. For its part, in February 1985, the NOI welcomed Arthur Butz, author of the Holocaust-denial tract, The Hoax of the 20th Century, as a guest speaker at its annual Savior’s Day Convention in Chicago. Butz’s pseudo-history has been sold at recent NOI events. Despite the historical tack, Farrakhan has admonished Jews: “You cannot say ‘never again’ to God, because when He puts you in the oven, ‘never again’ don’t mean a thing.”

Khalid Muhammad has joined his anti-Semitism with Holocaust denial. In April 1994 Muhammad staged a visit to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum and held a press conference afterwards at which he belittled the magnitude of the Nazi’s near extermination of European Jewry. The museum visit appeared to be a publicity stunt for Muhammad’s speech the following night at Howard University, where he repeated many of the same remarks. At Howard he said “the black holocaust was 100 times worse than the so-called Jew Holocaust. You say you lost 6 million we question that, but we lost 600 million. Schindler’s List is really a swindler’s list.”

Farrakhan himself made similar remarks in his 1994 Savior’s Day speech in Chicago.