Part 1, Huber M.

Mr. Huber,

During the course of your journey through the
sewers of digital messaging, you have provided a number of
frauds, insults, deceits and outright lies, all aimed at
defaming Jewish people.

Now that I have clearly and unequivocably called you a blatant
liar, you can prove me wrong by answering the following
questions. In the event you suffer from memory failures, I
will be considerate enough to continue to republish these
questions from time to time so that you will not be denied the
fair and public opportunity to respond, and clear your, er,
good name.

Perhaps Prodigy users will be kind enough to post this series
of questions to your favourite Prodigy discussion groups, so
that you will be certain to see them, and internet users will
forward them to [email protected] as well.

Question 1

On January 29, 1996, you made the following statement:

“We have long known that the WIESENTHAL center for pagan
studies has doctored so-called holocaust pictures. Go to
the so-called holocaust museum in DC & they’ll show you
thousands of smelly shoes of so-called victims. Makes you
wonder, though, how so-called victims had shoes & sneakers
made in China in 1955…….” (Huber, Air Photos)

Although you have been asked to provide proof that the
Simon Wiesenthal Center has doctored Holocaust pictures,
you have failed to do so. Not surprisingly, although you
were also asked to provide proof that the United
States Holocaust Memorial Museum included shoes made in
China in 1955 as evidence of the Holocaust, you have shown
yourself either unwilling or unable to do so.

(I toured the USHMM on March 26, 1996, and inspected the
display of shoes from Maidanek. Alas, I was unable to
determine where these “Chinese shoes and sneakers” are.
The Museum, however, provides a photograph of these
shoes, so perhaps you will examine it and circle those
shoes which came from China, so I can locate them.)

Please demonstrate that you are not a fraud and a liar,
and prove that your assertions are true, or admit, here
and now, that you are a liar, and retract them.

Question 2

On February 1, 1996, you refered to the Holocaust as

“No sooner does someone deny the alleged holocaust,
than you label them as dispassionate & disinterested.”
(Huber, Gas Chambers, Feb. 1)

In response to the following query:

“Can those of you who deny the Holocaust explain
where the Jews of Eastern Europe went?”

You replied:

“They have been known to wander, hence the term ‘Wandering
j*w’. Also the term from inbreeding , known as wandering eye.”
(Huber, 27th Question)

One day later, you commented about “another holocaust,”
which suggests that you do, in fact, believe the historical
record, (Huber, Air Photos, Feb. 5) and you also speak
of the Holocaust as historical reality in your exchanges
on Prodigy (See huber.0295).

You seem confused about the Holocaust, denying it on
one day, and affirming it on the next. Please explain
this seeming contradiction.

Question 3

In your UseNet articles, you never spell the word “Jew.”
Instead, you insert an asterisk where the ‘e’ belongs.

In March 1996, you stated, “NEVER capitalize, never
spell j*w.” In a February 1995 Prodigy article, however,
we find you writing the following:

“Fazel, I am still awaiting your offer to post the article
about the Jews killing 30,000 Germans in cold blood after
the Russian breach of the border.” (huber.0295)

As both spelling the full word and capitalizing the word
is obviously your practice on Prodigy, but not on UseNet,
it would be instructive if you would explain why you have
deliberately misrepresented your practice.

Question 4

On March 7, 1996, you published an article attributed to
James Brolin, of the “Cicero Gazette.” You included the
following claim:

“Two dozen spies were named, from the sect’y to walter
LIPPMAN to alger HISS, klaus FUCHS, “MLAD”, War Dept.
official william ULLMAN, intelligence official joseph JULIUS,
Treas Dept.’s harold GLASSER, the Air Forces’s george
SILVERMAN, and nathan SILVERMASTER of the Bd. of Economic

ALL BUT TWO ARE jewish. Even as Hitler ravaged Europe, even
as millions of Britains, Americans, Poles & French were dying
to subdue the holocaust, jews spying on America and were giving
up American secrets for Russian & German shekels, dooming their
brothers in the gas-chambers of Auschwitz to death.”
(Huber, “a jewish” “NIZKOR should” and others)

To which, William Anderson replied:

“Mr. Huber, above, lists nine people accussed of spying
for the Soviet Union, and claims that all but two of them
are Jewish. The nine are:

1) The secretary to Walter Lippmann. Mr. Huber does not
name the secretary, because “Lippmann” sounds Jewish, but
the secretaries name, May Price, does not.

2) Alger Hiss. Scion of one of Baltimore’s oldest protestant
families. Not a Jew by any stretch of the imagination.

3) Klaus Fuchs. Son of German Quakers. Not a Jew.

4) Mlad. Mlad is a code name for a physicist who worked on
the Manhattan project and may have passed information to the
Soviets. Huber does not tell you this physicist’s name,
because “Mlad” sounds vaguely foreign and potentially Jewish,
and “Theodore Hall” does not. (Anderson, real

Anderson goes on to point out that you, Mr. Huber, lied
when you made the claim “All but two are Jewish,” and
establishes this fact beyond all dispute. The question,
therefore, is why?

Why did you tell this lie, Mr. Huber?

Question Five

On and about May 20, 1996, you published an article under
your “M. Huber” account which purported to be a citation
from a web page. Your text read, in part, as follows:

“…journal that the Nazis were an aberration, that they
were the exact opposite of all that his Germany represented,
something from an eyewitness which contradicts the new book
by Goldhagen who blames all Germans, even little babies.”
(Huber, Survivor’s Story)

A check of your own reference, however,,
contained only the following text:

“…journal that the Nazis were an aberration, that they
were the exact opposite of all that his Germany represented.”

Clearly, Mr. Huber, you altered the original text,
and forged the final paragraph. It is equally clear that you
have not read Mr. Goldhagen’s book – had you done so, you
would not have lied about his thesis.

Question Five is presented in two parts:

5-1: Why did you lie about your alteration of the text, Mr. Huber?

5-2: Which page of Mr. Goldhagen’s book (“Hitler’s Willing
Executioners”) blames “all Germans, even little babies”
for the Holocaust?

Question Six

On June 19, 1996, Ms. Manicka told the following whopper:

“A perfect example of lies by McFlea. Magnetic tape media
were not invented prior to the fifties. In fact, the
‘plastics’ which enabled manufacture of ‘tape’ were a
product of the fifties.” (Huber, Brit Rabbi)

William Anderson, quoting from a reference work called “World of
Invention,” offered the following rebuttal:

“The invention of magnetic recording tape is variously
attributed to J.A. O’Neill, who is said to have created
a paper version in 1927 in the United States, and the
German engineer Fritz Pfleumer, who in 1928 developed a
tape made by bonding a thin coating of oxide to strips of
either paper or film. It was Pfleumer who filed the
first audiotape patent in 1929…

“In 1935, the German electronics firm AEG produced a
prototype of a record/playback machine, called a magnetophon,
based on Pfleumer’s ideas but using plastic tape. BASF went
on to refine the tape AEG had used, presenting the first
usable magnetic tape at the Berlin Fair in 1935. The first
public tape recording was made by the London Philharmonic
Orchestra at the BASF factory in Ludwigshafen, Germany, in

Mr. Anderson concluded by noting that the first plastics were
developed in 1836. (Anderson, Re: Brit Rabbi)

Question Six is an easy one: Why did you lie about these basic

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