Ottawa criminals, Griswold Leslie

Ken McVay OBC  writes:

> Ms. Charbonneau thus attempts to deflect the discussion to
> avoid a concession: That Canada’s Parliament does indeed
> possess both the power and authority to impose regulation upon
> the Internet, wether we like it, or want it, or not.

The Canadian Parliament has the POWER, yes, to enforce their Will of
censorship on the Internet within Canada, because they have the RCMP and
the Military to FORCE themselves on the Canadian People.

However, they do not have the AUTHORITY to infringe upon the inalienable
rights of freedom of conscience, speech, or now, use of the Internet for
global communications. The American First Amendment was not something the
Founders just invented; it was a recognition of a universal right that
cannot be “legislated” away. The Charter of Rights & Freedoms also
acknowledges this right, in fact more definitively, and while the Ottawa
Criminals can withdraw the pronouncement of the Charter, it will change
nothing. Freedom of speech in Canada is morally correct regardless of
what Ottawa says to the contrary.

In the power of States to “regulate” (i.e. censor) the Internet is the
illustration of the real nature of all existing governments today: self-
serving bodies which perpetuate their own existence at the expense of the
liberties and (intellectual) security of the People.

The Internet community must be prepared to subvert and circumvent by any
and all means an attempt by a State to control the Internet for its own
purposes. On the Internet is the last and decisive battle for freedom of
conscience, freedom of opinion, freedom of expression, and freedom to be
ourselves. If we lose here, we lose everywhere.

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