Other Extremist Links to the COTC

Beyond Ben Klassen’s financial ties to William Pierce, the COTC’s path has intersected with assorted other white supremacists and right-wing extremists over the years. Principal among these connections was Klassen’s relationship with Tom Metzger; for example, in January 1985, a letter from Klassen invited Metzger to form a COTC group in California, suggesting that he would appoint Metzger to “a higher title (equivalent to a bishop, cardinal, etc. in the Catholic Church, except we would come up with some Latin name for it)… which would provide prestige and some legal protection.” Klassen reprinted the letter in a 1989 issue of Racial Loyalty, reiterating the offer.

On both occasions, Metzger rebuffed Klassen, yet he apparently retained respect for the like-minded COTC leader. In an August 1993 telephone message, Metzger stated, “It is with deep regret to announce [sic] the death of a long-time fighter for the cause, Ben Klassen…. Tom Metzger and Ben Klassen had a somewhat stormy relationship. Ben was not the easiest person to get along with. However, his dedication and sacrifice should be noted by even his strongest critics.” The following week, Metzger promoted the two main COTC “religious” manuals, Nature’s Eternal Religion and The White Man’s Bible, in his next telephone address.

In May 1992, Racial Loyalty published an essay by David Lane on “the Christian Right-wing American Patriots, C R A.P. (since that is what they do to [sic] the future of all White children).” Lane, 54, was a member of the far-right terrorist group known as The Order, who is currently serving a 40-year racketeering sentence, as well as a 150-year term for civil rights violation in connection with the 1984 murder of a Denver, Colorado, Jewish radio personality, Allen Berg. (Lane had driven the getaway car in the killing.)

More recently, current COTC leader Rick McCarty has appointed as his Florida state director Mike McCaffrey, whose extremist career includes a stint as producer of the neo-Nazi public access TV show “Race and Reason,” hosted by Florida hatemonger Herb Poinsett. (The program itself is a spin-off of a Tom Metzger public access series, also called “Race and Reason.”)

In addition, Racial Loyalty has printed a number of encouraging letters from Holocaust-deniers affiliated with the Institute for Historical Review (IHR). This pseudo-scholarly “Institute” is closely tied to Liberty Lobby, the most important anti-Semitic propaganda outfit in the U.S., founded and led by longtime Jew hater Willis Carto. The willingness of these Holocaust “revisionists” to endorse the Church of the Creator’s genocidal rhetoric further betrays the lie that these propagandists are engaged in an “objective” search for truth. Among the deniers who have written to the COTC tabloid are Martin A. Larson and Revilo P. Oliver, both of whom serve on the “Editorial Advisory Committee” of IHR’s Journal of Historical Review, and Carlos Porter, the author of such books as Made in Russia: The Holocaust, distributed by IHR.

In addition to these long-standing advocates of the Holocaust “revisionist” cause, a more recent associate of the IHR, David Cole, published a letter in the July 1989 issue of Racial Loyalty. The producer of a grotesque 1992 IHR video about the Auschwitz concentration camp, Cole wrote to the COTC. “I am very happy to become a member of the Church of the Creator…. Creativity gives my Race meaning and, therefore, gives my whole life meaning…. My work as a video producer puts me in touch with many other White Men who are looking to wrestle away the mass media from its Jew controllers and use the media to further the goals of the White Race.” However, Cole’s more recent prominence in IHR circles, which seek to mask the anti- Semitic intent of their propaganda, is directly attributable to his claim of being Jewish.

Nonetheless, COTC has also made a number of enemies in the typically fractious extremist community. The most vociferous of these detractors include the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, led by “Pastor” Thom Robb; the Knights, who dress up their racist and anti-Semitic agenda with David Duke-inspired euphemisms promoting “White, Christian values,” despise the Church of the Creator’s virulent rejection of Christianity. An equally hostile feud has taken place between Ben Klassen and Harold Covington, a North Carolina-based neo-Nazi whose most recent affiliation has been with a British right-wing terrorist group, Combat 18. The rivalry accounted for a bilious exchange of obscenities, taunts, and threats between the two hatemongers and their supporters. For example, the January 1992 Racial Loyalty printed, “AN OPEN LETTER TO THE JEW BASTARD [Covington] THAT SENT THE PORNOGRAPHIC POST CARD CONDEMNING OUR PONTIFEX MAXIMUS THROUGH THE MAIL!…if I could ever be so lucky to meet you, I promise I’ll trim your wick.”