On torture at dachau, Clay Lucius

There is an arrogant anti-American over in Great Britain who
occasionally pops out from under his rock and posts his collection of nonsense.
He never sticks around to defend his lies but, instead, ducks back into his hole, a
sulks until his next foray into the real world. One of his posts concerns the
Dachau trials. He claims, citing only a bit of gossip in a British tabloid, that a
commission presented a report to Lucius Clay stating that physical torture had
been widely used to extract confessions at the Dachau tribunal. The author of
the gossip had, according to the quotes that this anti-American presents, never
read the report and, of course there is no other corroborating evidence

This report is a lie. A minimal check at the library showed that. Lucius
Clay in his autobiography (“Decision in Germany”; New York; 1950) states that
the charges were investigated by a special commission (the Simposn Commission)
and by an Administration of Justice Review Board appointed by Clay. It should
be noted that *all* the improprieties charged occurred *before* Clay took
command. Clay reports that there were some improper methods — including “stool
pigeons” and “stage setting” interrogations used. However, he also states
“Extreme brutalities claimed by the prisoners, in manifest self-interest, were denied
by the prosecution staff and not borne out by other evidence.” (page 253) There
were two later congressional investigations, one conducted by Joseph
McCarthy, and both reached the conclusion that no torture was used.

Oddly enough these charges did not refer to any investigation of the
Holocaust but to the Malmedy Massacre. This was an incident that occurred
during the Battle of the Bulge where Americans POWs were murdered by German
soldiers. It should be noted that while the trials took place at Dachau they were
tried by a special military tribunal and not the same tribunal that tried nazis for their
participation in the Holocaust (page 252). Further Clay blames the improprieties
on Americans shocked at the “cold-blooded murder” of their comrades and
states: “It is unfortunate that later the Malmdy case cast some discredit on these
trials as a whole, although improper methods in obtaining evidence were charged
only in this instance.” (page 253)

This information has both been posted here and sent by e-mail to the
poster who was so willing to smear by lies the U.S. Army. The only reponse was
to repost the same lies. And who should pop up to defend these lies: L’il Tommy

L’il Tommy obsessive hatred of Jews is so great that he is willing to
accept at face value any lie — no matter how outrageous, no matter often it is
rebutted — even if it represents an unwarranted smear on his own country. As
long as he can denigrate “the Jews” L’il Tommy will purr with content. L’il Tommy
has whined that those protesting the cold blooded murders that were an intergral
part of the nazi philosophy, were “dirtying” German history. When his own
country is smeared — and those doing the smearing are well aware of the lies they
are posting — it is L’il Tommy who leaps to their defense.

I realize that many of the people who read this are citizens of the U.S. I
hope that they are as proud of their countries as I am of the U.S. I hope that
Morris and Morrison and MacVay would be as upset if some prevaricator
falsely claimed that Canadian soldiers had tortured helpless people and then
maintained that lying position after the truth had been demonstrated. I hope, as
well, that they would have the same scorn for another Canadian who supported
those lies because of personal prejudice and bigotry as I have for Moran.

L’il Tommy has made point clear. When given the choice between
defending his country against false charges and slandering Jews, he will chose to
slander Jews. I think that it is fair to label this as an obsession.


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