Nyt, Burdi George

Today, the New York Times Sunday Magazine (2/25/95) has a story by
Stephan Tally entitled “the Method of a Neo-Nazi Mogul.” Tally has
posted here before. The article is about George Burdi, Resistance
Records, and the band Rahowa.
Some excerpts of interest:
“The majority of American skinheads are nonracist and nonviolent,
embracing the same working-class pride and punkish style as their
racist counterparts….”
(much later)
“Not that neo-Nazis go unchallenged on the Internet. Nonracist
skinheads in particular attack the Resistance site and other similar
ones. They call the racists ‘boneheads’ and consider Burdi a pathetic
caricature, citing the time he wore a disguise when he appeared on
Geraldo Rivera’s talk show. Burdi recently posted a message on the
popular news group ‘alt.skinhead’ [The Times forgot the “s” so few
readers will find it.] to advertise the latest Rahowa album, and the
response was scathing. ‘Yay!!!’ one person wrote back. ‘George “I’m a
moron” Burdi admits that all this WP-type [expletive]’ –referring to
white power philosophy—‘is just another form of cult…”
“In a corner, working on a computer, Burdi sighs. He sometimes
seems underwhelmed by the quality of his recruits and contemptuous of
the very youth he hopes to rally.”
“(White-power bands avoid R& B chords.)”

Text provided by Donny.

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