NSWPP Spamming: Document 3

Mr. Covington has had a busy day. Earlier, he sent out another wave of propaganda, repeating his initial lie about Ms. Ostrov‘s “attack” (see Spamming Document #2).

This time, there was no mere implication of Nizkor‘s involvement; Nizkor is supposedly full-on trying to get him kicked off his server, with my co-webmaster, Ms. Ostrov, “spearheading” the “attack.” I must have missed a memo.

Moreover, he asserts, his email quoted to his service provider had been “altered and forged”: right now there are three groups of people frantically filing all kinds of bogus complaints with the Party’s Internet server, including what appear to be altered and forged e-mails which they claim they received from the Party, in an effort to get our account canceled. One of these groups is the infamous Nizkor, with the attack being spearheaded by the Jewess Hilary Ostrov.

I invite Mr. Covington to post to news.admin.net-abuse.misc the headers which he believes have been “altered” and/or “forged.”

What’s that I hear? Dead silence? (yawn) Another lying Nazi…

Posted; emailed to Ms. Ostrov, Mr. Covington, and Mr. Covington’s service provider. That ISP is included _not_ as an effort to get his account cancelled (that’s none of my business since I haven’t personally been spammed by Mr. Covington), but just to keep them abreast of his latest lies about what he’s been doing. Since his ploy is to say that the claims of spamming are faked, perhaps the good folks at earthlink.net might consider keeping their sendmail logs on hand. They might be useful in settling a dispute, one of these days. One never knows.

This wave of propaganda is reproduced below:
Date: Mon, 29 Jul 1996 10:32:27 -0700 (PDT)

From: NSWPP-CSU <[email protected]>
To: [email protected]
Subject: NSNet Bulletin #9

NOTE: About a month ago I did an interview for a French Skinzine called 14 Mots. Before it could be published the French police raided the homes of a number of people involved with the Charlemagne group; their computer was seized and returned with the hard drive destroyed and all diskettes wiped clean. The magazine and the Charlemagne were legally banned by the French government; they have now re-emerged under the name “Activistes” and this is a reconstruction of the interview I did before. – WS


here are once again the interview of you that will publish in english in the next 14 Mots ( renamed in “Activistes” which means “Activists” because our publication has been forbidden, and we want to sell some issues in a nationalist library ).

Thank you very much for taking of your time.

Eric Monnier

1-Tell us about your personal background : how did you start? What has been your political evolution?

A. I was born and raised in North Carolina. When I was 15 I got my first dose of racial reality when my family moved to the leftist university town of Chapel Hill and I was thrust into an integrated high school. I left high school with a personal vow that I would devote my life to making sure that someday no White boy or girl would have to go through what I witnessed during those three years. I had always had a very strong attraction to National Socialism and the Third Reich but it was kind of instinctive; I didn’t fully understand that NS was the racial solution I was looking for. I joined the United States Army at age 17 and while I was in the military I did a lot of private reading and research into racial matters. One of these was a superficially anti-NS book by a German named Heinz Hohne about the SS called The Order of the Death’s Head. Once I had finished that I realized that National Socialism was it. I was able to get in touch with the old Franklin Road NSWPP and I joined when I was 19 years old.

2- During your life, you have certainly been involved in some parties of the USA, that you have leaved now. Why did you make this choice?

A. Unfortunately in some respects and fortunately in others, a plethora of small groups is what has always constituted the U. S. racial scene. We’ve never really had a major national-level racial party like the old British National Front of the 1970s or the current Front National in France. My track record is actually pretty typical and even a bit more stable than most; I have been an active member of five organizations in twenty-four years and for long periods of time in between I operated as an independent writer and self-published journalist in the racial newsletter field. It’s not uncommon to find guys over here who have been members of a couple of dozen groups, often a number of them simultaneously. In a sense it’s like we have unintentionally created our own cell system; one FBI agent once described us as a hydra where if you cut off one head three more spring forth.

3- You have re-built the American Nazi Party, that was in a period of agony. Now the NSWPP is very active. What is the recipe of such a success?

A. I wouldn’t call us rebuilt yet; we’re nowhere near what we were in the Franklin Road days and I’m the first to admit it. I think the most powerful weapons we have are the Swastika, the Fuhrer Adolf Hitler, and Commander Rockwell. We’re the “real McCoy” and I think eventually people are going to come to want the real McCoy. If you’ll pardon me sounding like a television ad jingle, you might say our slogan could be, “You’ve tried the rest! Now try the best!”

4- You are certainly in touch with some European organisation, that share the same views. Which ones ? What can be the main difference between an US organisation, and an European one?

A. The main difference everyone from Europe immediately notices is the sheer SIZE of the North American continent. Mass tactics are actually much more practical in Europe than they are here; not only do Europeans have a greater and more intense tradition of political participation as opposed to the self-preoccupation and self indulgence which is the hallmark of the White American character, but you have functioning, efficient public transportation systems which can put large numbers of people anywhere in any European country swiftly and relatively cheaply. There are many tens of thousands of people active in America, hundreds of thousands if you want to broaden your definition to strong conservative types, and if we were all in one place we’d make an impressive crowd, but it’s just not logistically possible with the distance and expense. This has a very definite effect on what tactics are workable.

5-Because of all the freedom of speech you can have in the USA, don’t you think it’s more easy to be an NS in your country?

A. Yes, absolutely. That is the one real advantage the United States has; we are now the only country in the world where it is still legal to be an open National Socialist. Thanks to the Skokie Supreme Court decision of 1978 the Swastika is even a legally protected symbol of political expression, although that status has been very badly undermined by assorted “hate crimes” laws which make the display of a Swastika or a Confederate flag illegal if it “causes mental anguish” to some scumbag.

6-The NSWPP publish weekly a newsletter called Resistance, which is one of the most interesting reading about the modern NS ideology. Do more people join you after reading it?

A. The weekly RESISTANCE is the jewel in the Party’s crown, so to speak. We are the only weekly racialist publication aside from SPOTLIGHT (if you consider SPOTLIGHT racialist; many don’t). I might add, though, that in the past few weeks our daily NSNet Bulletin has actually started to reach more people than the newsletter, it’s become so popular.

7-Some people in the movement, like George Eric Hawthorne turn to be detrimental to the Cause. The growing profits, large amounts of money have turned their ego too big. Do you think it can be an human failure?

A. Money has always been THE problem within the Movement, in more ways than one. What happens, essentially, is that when someone gets a bit successful in some kind of racial activity and he gets well known, people start sending him money in the mail, and that can be dangerously addictive. Eventually the Movement becomes a business rather than a holy and sacred cause, supporters become a kind of financial livestock to be herded and harvested for donations and merchandise orders, and extremely nasty squabbles develop because one group fears that another is going to steal members and financial support. When the NSWPP was revived two years ago a series of savage attacks against us and above all against me personally began, some of the vilest stuff I’ve ever seen in the Movement. I personally have become an almost demonic figure to some people.

A. I’ll give you an example: right now there are three groups of people frantically filing all kinds of bogus complaints with the Party’s Internet server, including what appear to be altered and forged e-mails which they claim they received from the Party, in an effort to get our account canceled. One of these groups is the infamous Nizkor, with the attack being spearheaded by the Jewess Hilary Ostrov. The other two are MOVEMENT PEOPLE acting out of a combination of pique and fear of competition.

8-Promotion of racist music is growing, labels are built up everyday. But even if lyrics are violent, engage people to think about their environnement, it seems this doesn’t bring more revolutionaries, and doesn’t let existing organisations grow. According to you, what failed in this recipe?

A. I think the Skin music scene is having more of an effect than you may realize. The fact that there IS so much money in it for people like Hawthorne to compete for indicates that there’s a market. These kids (most of them) are going to grow up one day, grow their hair, get jobs, and in twenty years THEY are going to be carrying the briefcases and making the decisions, or at least some of them will. You never forget what is part of your youth, and Oi or White Noise music is part of growing up for a lot of White kids now.

9-Tell us more about the members of the NSWPP: are special level of the society more represented than others? How can you describe a good NSWPP member?

A. We seem to be attracting a lot of older people of some success and achievement in life, professionals, doctors, executives, academics. That’s good in some ways and a problem in others; the trouble is that people like that have something to lose and they can’t afford to be as active as 19-year-old kids with nothing to lose. We’re going to see if we can’t shift our recruiting efforts down the age range a bit, although don’t get me wrong, we do have a lot of good young people and women members. A good Party member is someone who doesn’t go to bed at night until he or she has done SOMETHING to help their race that day, no matter how small. Every little pin-prick counts; a thousand pin-pricks put together can wound the Beast badly.

10-Gerhard Lauck has been arrested and is now jailed in Germany, undergoing a trial that will sentence him for years. According to you, will this affect the propaganda of the NSDAP/AO, based on a pyramidal structure ?

A. In this country, the NSDAP-AO was always pretty much a one-man show. I understand that is not the case in Germany and that over the years Gerhard did build up a network of propaganda distribution and covert action. I’m sure some of it escaped the police raids that occurred when Gerhard was arrested in Denmark. Beyond that I really don’t know enough about the situation to comment.

11- How do you consider the NSDAP/AO ? It seems they make only provocation, publishing always swastikas everywhere, and their writings are full of empty words.

A. Again, I don’t know that much about the situation, but you have to bear in mind that in Germany the mere display of a Swastika under any conditions is a political act and a dangerous one which can get you years in prison, so I can see how in Germany an NS revival might start in the preliminary stages through simple display of the Hakenkreuz.

12-You use the pseudonym of Winston Smith, hero of the famous novel of Orwell, 1984. Don’t you think the nowadays reality is well described in this book, written just after the WW2?

A. Absolutely. I think Orwell was having some kind of prophetic seizure when he wrote that book; according to his biography he became obsessed with it, retired to a cottage on a little island off the coast of Scotland, and did nothing but write, morning noon and night, until he had completed it. He later said that while he wrote the book he seemed to be suffering from a constant low fever he couldn’t get rid of but which wasn’t really making him ill. The only significant difference is that Orwell described a world of Stalinist scarcity, which to him seemed the logical coming development of the Western world at the time, and we live in a world of Stalinist plenty, as strange as that may sound. But the things he describes, especially the concept of Thoughtcrime and the abuse of language to control the mind and prohibit forbidden thought is straight out of a 1996 “diversity” manual at any modern university in America.

13-The average white people has become very egocentric, focusing about its own pleasure, its own life. What’s happening outside their private circle doesn’t bother them. It’s far from our philosophy of Aryan Community. Do we have the potential to change their minds?

A. We don’t, but the enemy will by making life so utterly hellish for White people that ignoring The Problem will simply no longer be an option. You see, the main thing about liberalism and Marxist socialism is that IT DOESN’T WORK. These philosophies are not based in human reality and no amount of constant forcing, even at gunpoint, can make them work. You can only keep the lid on for so long; eventually even the Soviet system collapsed under the weight of its own incompetence and inefficiency. As frustrating as it is sometimes, all the Movement can do right now is wage psychological warfare to hasten the fall of the Beast and be there for our people when they come looking for answers.

14-Do America have today the leaders of tomorrow?

A. We’ve got a hell of a lot of potential. I tend to rant and rave about certain bad apples in our barrel, but don’t forget that I’m only talking about half a dozen or so men who don’t belong among us. They exercise a destructive effect far beyond their numbers, true, but basically most of our people who stick with it any length of time have their hearts in the right place, even if their heads aren’t screwed on too tight sometimes. And you can build on that. I know it’s hard to tell sometimes considering some of the things I write, but I’m essentially a profound optimist about the racial struggle. I used to think I wouldn’t live to see the day of victory; now I believe that if I live my normal lifespan to age 80 or so without being killed by the enemy or some deranged Will Williams type, I will be able to see at least some very significant movement towards the ultimate goal of the Imperium.

So Winston, i think i asked all questions. But if there are more points you’d like to write about, feel free to add your positions. I’ll surely email you some others questions, after seeing your answers.

If you have special pictures ( GIFs, JPGs, BMPs) you’d like to be put in the lay-out of the interview, feel free to send them too.

Thank you very much.