NSWPP Spamming: Document 2

A number of people have been spammed by [email protected]; this person, “Winston Smith” (real name Harold Covington), has apparently recently discovered the internet and is using it to send out his words of wisdom to anyone who will listen and many who won’t.

On Saturday, July 27th, he sent out “NSNet Bulletin #8,” which ended: NOTICE TO RECIPIENTS: It looks like we may be playing server tag with Nizkor fairly soon. Hilary Ostrov has filed a formal demand with Earthlink that our account be canceled. Apparently my “Goliath” challenge has enraged the Jews no end and whipped them up into a frenzy of hysterical hatred.

We already have alternative servers set up, so if Earthlink pulls the plug on us we should be back on line with minimal delay.

Yours For Victory,
General Secretary

A “frenzy of hysterical hatred”! Well, here’s the “enraged” “demand” she had sent to his sysadmin:
To: [email protected]
From: Hilary Ostrov <[email protected]>
Subject: Unsolicited e-mail from one of your users
Cc: [email protected]

I have received the following unsolicited e-mail from one of your users. I trust you will take the appropriate measures to educate this user and to ensure that henceforth he conducts himself with a better regard for courtesy and netiquette and that he refrains from further abuse of the internet by such wastes of bandwidth.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

Hilary Ostrov

[copy of offending email snipped]

The discerning reader will note that nowhere in that email did Ms. Ostrov request that “Winston Smith”‘s account be cancelled. “Winston Smith” knew this, because Ms. Ostrov was kind enough to Cc him.

Another lying, spamming Nazi. (yawn) How many does that make?

Note that this particular spammer has gotten most of his addresses off a mailing list whose membership was accidentally revealed to him. I refer of course to the Zgram list — Ingrid Rimland screwed up (again) and posted all the supposedly private names. He’s been sending unsolicited email to members of that list. However, he’s also been sending unsolicited email to anyone else he deems might be interested in it — including, apparently, just pulling names off groups like alt.revisionism.

To his credit, he offers to take people’s names off his list if they don’t want his spew, and presumably he follows through on that. But I don’t think he deserves any more brownie points than the commercial spammers who claim they’ll take people off their list who follow some simple instructions. Unsolicited email is unsolicited email. As the Anti-Spam HowTo says: In some cases, a spammer will have the gall to say in their message something like “If you wish to be removed from the mailing list, mail [email protected]”, or even a preemptive apology for any inconvenience caused. Do not be taken in by this. Talk is cheap, especially when someone else pays. The advertiser does not have the right to put you on their mailing list in the first place, and if you quietly remove yourself by mailing this address, you are helping to legitimise this mode of operation. If nobody complains, it will become accepted practice.

On Sunday, July 28th, “Winston Smith” sent out a special missive entitled “Movement Ethics,” defending himself for these practices: To get to the nub of the matter, yes, I took advantage of a fortuitous accident to advance the cause of Aryan racial struggle in a vital new area. I make no apology whatsoever for that, nor is any required. That’s my job.

“Fortuitous accident” refers to Ms. Rimland’s mistake.

“My job” refers to sending unsolicited email, apparently. The White race is at WAR, Mr. Winter, and I mean that in the very literal sense. Our people are being slaughtered like hogs in the streets every day; the fact that this butchery is passed off as “crime” rather than the casualties of racial war by the media does not make these people any the less dead or injured or the women any the less violated. I am becoming more and more frustrated and angry with people who refuse to see this and who seem to be laboring under the delusion that all this is some kind of genteel debate where there will one day be a winner and a loser and then we shall all retire under the shade trees for tea.

I must also tell you quite frankly that I do not give a rat’s ass what people in the National Alliance or anyone else think about me. […] I have a job to do and I’m going to do it. I long ago realized and accepted that it was going to be just myself and a small handful of the most intelligent, most talented, most dedicated and above all the most pragmatic people against the rest of the world—not least the bulk of the so-called “Movement”.

If you want to call me unethical, by all means. Unlike most of the lies leveled at me by people with the most shameful and discreditable of ulterior motives, that particular charge is true. I am completely and utterly unethical where the survival of the White race is concerned.

Netiquette and respect for truth do not appear to burden him either.

– Jamie McCarthy