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by Doug Collins [July 7, North Shore News]

GOVERNMENTS at all levels are easy touches as far as giving our money away
to minority and other pressure groups is concerned.

Such beggars have only to whisper that they are fighting “racism” and they
go away dancing on dollars.

Alan Dutton of the so-called Canadian Anti-Racism Education and Research
Associations (CARES) is an expert at it. A couple of years ago, over in
Victoria, he spoke on behalf of the Race Relations Committee getting a
grant from the Capital Regional District to fight the “growing Nazi
menace” there.

I joked that Adolf Hitler must be hiding in Oak Bay. No “Nazis” were ever
identified or even seen.

Whether Dutton is otherwise gainfully employed I don’t know. But last year
the NDP handed over about $135,000 to him so that he could pursue his
noble trade. You can be sure he gets money from the feds, too.

He used to be head of the B.C. Organization Against Racism, another
leftist lot. The media would always run to him for comment when the evil
“racists” raised their heads.

Then he had the bright idea of promoting himself to be executive secretary
of CARES, which sounds even better. So the media run to him even more.

In Toronto, meanwhile, something called the Anti-Racist Action (ARA)
appealed recently to the Metropolitan Council for $18,000, it being ARA’s
plan to hold a two day “anti-Fascist, anti-racist, organizing conference.”
In some secret location, in case Hitler heard about it, no doubt.

Dutton’s crew was listed as the financial trustee for the event, and
according to the pre-conference blurb the great man was to be flown down
for it.

The ARA can best be described as a neo-Bolshevik group that is by no means
averse to violence. Columnist Christie Blatchford has stated in the
Toronto Sun that it is a “street-level anti-Nazi group whose tactics
historically have been as violent and ugly as those of its targets.”

The “targets,” are, I think, the Heritage Front. But I have found no
evidence of the Heritage Front or any other right-wing group in Toronto
having starting a rampage. It has defended itself against physical attack.
But the ARA has used violence more than once.

Blatchford stated: “ARA became most infamous for its June 1993 trashing of
a Heritage Front leader’s house in which a crowd of about 300 smashed
windows and doors, and threw eggs, paint bombs and rocks.

“In 1944, its radio station CIUT, was briefly yanked from the air after
complaints that the hosts were calling for ‘direct action’ against
racists. Later that year, a group of ARA activists shut down a store they
claimed was linked to white supremacists.”

I pause here to gape at the news that a Bolshevik bunch like this can
actually get a broadcasting licence from the CRTC. Would any right-wing
organization be able to get one? Not bloody likely!

Bill Dunphy, another Toronto Sun columnist, says ARA is “fascistic,
preaches hate, and is intolerant of any views but its own.”

Just like Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin, its soul mates.

You needn’t be a “Nazi” to attract the venom of the ARA. All you need to
do is to put out a newsletter on foreign aid, freedom of speech and
immigration. Or hold peaceful discussion on those themes, all of which is
what Paul Fromm of Citizens for Foreign Aid Reform does.

Last December about two dozen ARA members broke into a private dinner
meeting he had organized in a restaurant in downtown Toronto.

Fromm reported that they assaulted an old lady, spat on the owner and
other people and tossed cream on a table of books.

Then they boasted on their website about having ruined the meeting.

So much for the “democratic” connections of CARES, which also has friends
in the B.C. Human Rights Council and in the NDP government. How else would
Dutton get money from it?

Fromm was here to hold a meeting a few weeks ago. And who should be
outside, filming people going in and taking their car numbers, but Dutton.

When the police state comes into full bloom, he will need such details.

They go with the territory.


What sort of truth is it that needs protection? – Auberon Waugh *
The London Daily Telegraph, May 9, 1992 *

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