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Re: Greetings on His Day!

It is a Glorious day April 20. Happy Birthday Adolf Hitler, may we strive for
a more perfect and peaceful world according to your doctrine that you set
before us in Mein Kampf. One day all Aryan Men and Women shall be reunited as
the Supreme Race.

Heil Hitler!

Subject: April 20, 1997

Dear Comrade:

NS Greetings! A Happy 108th Birthday remembrance of our Fuhrer!He was the
first statesman to unite a political movement with a people’s racial identity.
National Socialism preserves the heritage and the culture of a people’s race.
What started in Germany has now taken root in every White nation of the world.
We must always be thankful for what Adolf Hitler gave his life for. We must
never let our racial and political enemies determine how we honor our heroes.

At this significant time of year I would like to ask all of you to do a little
more in 1997 to help keep our Fuhrer’s dream alive. Spread his message of love
and survival for the Aryan Race.

If anything took place today, or this weekend to honor this birthday, please
let me know at my E-Mail address.

88 / 14 Words!

Ted Dunn

Dear “Winston”,

Sorry, still have trouble with the nom de plume. In any case, my
heartiest best wishes to you on this Fuhrertag, from an ex-member of the
“Wicked Winston Chorus” (used to be “Hate Harold Chorus”). I am impressed
with your dedication and your indefatigable persistence in the face of all
the years of harassment and abuse you have gone through, and I regret my own
past contributions to your detractors. You are one of the most powerful
racial presences on the Internet today.

Carlos W. Porter

[Hey, Carl, thanks. Your kind words almost make up for the $1,000
check you gave me back in 1980 that bounced and the stolen guns you donated
to the old NSPA HQ. Sorry, sorry, must let bygones be bygones and all

Dear General Secretary Smith,

Please tell all comrades in the U.S. that we are with them in spirit
here in Argentina as National Socialists worldwide celebrate the anniversary
of the birth of the Fuhrer Adolf Hitler. National Socialism will triumph.

Rodolfo Carrasco

Greetings to our Gensec from NSWPP Unit San Diego on Hitler’s Birthday 1997!

-Ray Geiser
In the midst of what must be an avalanche of hate mail, a positive

Keep up the good work, guys. It would be easier if you’d give it up and
join the Republican party as Pat Buchanan supporters.
Look forward to your upcoming web information.


Dear Winston Smith,

I just finished reading your piece on why it’s still ‘worth
fighting’. I thought of a conversation I had years ago with an elderly
German nieghbor, whom I’ll call ‘Heinz’. We got around to talking about
WWII and he told me that he had been a soldier in the Wehrmacht. I
asked him if he thought there could, or would, ever be a revival of our
people along racial principles. He said: “Look, a world war was fought
over this… almost every night other White men would fly over the
Reich and bomb our cities. Our women and children were fried. On the
roads near Normandy I saw so many bodies of our own soldiers that I
felt, even at the time, that this was a sign that all White men were
crossing a point of no return.” Heinz further added, as I recall,
“everything that goes on now is what the other White men fought for. If
some of them don’t like it now, they shoudn’t have come to bomb us and
invade Europe. I still see all the veterans’ parades and I feel that a
lot of them still think they did the right thing.”

-Best Regards


Dear Winston,

I hate to rain on your parade, but you do realize, don’t you, that you are
only the NA’s third choice for a test lawsuit to see what they can get away
with? This spring Pierce was threatening to sue Jared Taylor of the American
Renaissance newsletters for calling him (Pierce) an “intellectual coward”,
but Taylor has enough funds to hire lawyers and so he called Pierce’s bluff
and told the Nutty Professor he’d see him in court, and that was the last
anyone heard of any lawsuit against American Renaissance. Then last fall
Evelyn Hill threatened to sue Ryan Wilson over publishing the Turner Diaries
and Commander Rockwell’s White Power on-line. Don’t know what ever happened
about that.

88! on the Leader’s 108th, comrade!

-Ted Spears

[Yes, I knew about both prior instances. Can anyone advise us as to
exactly what the copyright status on White Power is by now? It was published
in 1967 so as I understand the law it should become public domain in two
years’ time. – WS]


Subject: This Will Interest You!


This might interest you. The leader of the NSM was in court a week or
two ago. We were hit in the head with a tire iron by members of the
Anti-Nazi League a while back and were the plaintiff in the case. The
defense attorney collected all the information he could on the NSM, our
leader, leaders of other organizations, and our members.

Your name was mentioned, along with Metzger, Pierce, and others. My
name was also all over, being that I run our web site. Not just my
internet name, but me real name as well. All the information on our web
site was entered by the defense. Everything I’ve ever posted to
newsgroups was also entered. I mean everything. I posted to alt.beer
about getting a bad bottle of Rolling Rock, nothing at all about the
movement and that was entered. They had hundreds of pages!

This is the part that will really interest you; several months ago I
wrote a letter to you about my going into the Marines that you published
on NSNet. That letter, from NSNet was entered by the nigger defense

This is insane! These watchdog groups really collect a lot of data.
I’m worried that this information about me will be used against me or
published in some left wing magazine. Up until now, I’ve never paid
much attention to people such as yourself and others when they talked
about being harassed by the system. Now I know it’s real! All people
writing to you for inclusion is NSNet and posting to newsgroups should
know that they are guarantying themselves a file in some Jews office
that WILL be used against them at some time in their life.

Winston, let me know what you think about this. You might want to
include portions of this letter on NSNet.

This time the World,
Erik D. Red
National Socialist Movement

http://pages.prodigy.com/white/nsm.htm (Page doesn`t exist)


“Freedom means the right to say that two plus two equals four. Once this
is achieved, all else follows.” – George Orwell, 1984

for further info contact http://www.nswpp.org (Page doesn`t exist)

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