Notice of liability, Giwer Matt

Mailed to [email protected], Sunday, July 20, 1996:

Dear Sirs,

Please be advised that a Netcom user has made false statements
concerning me, and that I will consider Netcom liable for any republication
of these false and defamatory statements. The Netcom user who
has made these false statements is [email protected], Matt Giwer.

I have instructed legal counsel to advise Netcom of this by United
States registered mail on Monday morning, July 21, 1996.

I urge Netcom to take this advisory seriously, and assure Netcom that I
will not hesitate to follow through in court, should Netcom permit these
patently false statements to continue.

Copies of this message have been sent to legal counsel, and constitute
my specific instruction to proceed with the service of Netcom’s legal
notice of liability, and of my further instruction that he proceed
against Netcom without further instruction, should this warning be disregarded, and the false statements permitted to continue.

Sincerely yours,
Kenneth McVay, O.B.C.
Director, The Nizkor Project

Nizkor (Canada) – An Electronic Holocaust Educational Network

From!abuse Sat Jul 20 12:13:03 1996
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