Not welcome here, Giwer Matt

On 14 Jul 1996 04:12:29 GMT, [email protected] A Huber wrote:

>>Furthermore, Mr. Giwer has made dozens, if not hundreds, of claims
>>thus far, and has never provided a single shred of supporting data
>>when asked nicely by participants in this group.

>This is a REVISIONIST Newsgroup. j*ws are not “participants”, but
>rather spammers and flamers. Why should anyone waste the time to provide
>a j*w with supporting data? The group is for discussion amongst persons
>holding similar views. The sooner the revisionists understand this, the
>higher will be the quality of discourse.

Well stated. Holohuggers are not welcome here. They are here only to
disrupt the purpose of the NG and should receive complaints to their IPS
for their existance here.

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