Nizkor 2, Giwer Matt

Downloaded from the (page does not exist) directory
on Dec. 29, 1996.


Thanks for all the info, friend. I’ve just started posting to the
‘playgroups’ .. .they insist I am someone called ‘Huber’. Aside
from this I’ve received a couple of death threats but nothing serious
😉 By the way in regards to e-mail bombing and maybe even the sending
of Virii via email – I’d recommend telnetting to your Unix shell.
Once there you can use Pine or Elm to easily fix any mail bomb or
destroy any suspicious looking file that may contain a virus before it
enters your computer. Also I’ve had the similar one sided
conversations with McVay. I wrote 2 or 3 letters and he doesn’t
answer.. Do you suggest I continue to post to the Nizkor playgroups?
Are there any Aryans who read it?

Dear Comrades:

Do I recommend the Nizkor playgroups (alt.revisionism and
alt.politics.white-power)? Well, if you like to play, sure. I’m not being
sarcastic. Some people enjoy playing with deranged Jews. I don’t, but
whatever rings your chimes. Just bear in mind the following:

1) Seriously, don’t expect to accomplish anything. McVay and his
scurvy crew “moderate” the groups; accordingly, attempting to get any kind
of serious political or racial point across is like gambling in a casino:
the house always wins. I tried posting a couple of times and my posts never
appeared; I have spoken to others who tried posting and found that their
messages had been subjected to “editing”, the contents gutted, deliberate
misspellings inserted, etc. I never play against a stacked deck, but it’s up

2) Again, very seriously, I do not enjoy dealing on any level with
people who are mentally ill and emotionally disturbed, and it is clear that
this is the case with several of the more prominent Nizkorians. Nizkor
posters fall into three categories: Jews; utterly arrogant liberals who are
motivated by nothing more than hatred pure and simple for White people in
general and anyone who opposes them in particular; and people who are
obviously wrestling with some pretty scary demons in their mind, and who
have chosen this forum to do so because Revisionists and White males are
acceptable scapegoats and targets for malice and victimization in this
society. Or some combination of all three.

Then there are McVay and his sidekick, Jamie McCarthy, who in my view are
simply mercenaries being paid by the Jews to propagate a historical hoax
which they are perfectly well aware is a hoax.

All of the above combines to create an environment which is
extremely hostile to freedom of speech and independent thought; I find it is
far more productive to use the NSNet e-mail format. Significantly, not one
single Nizkorian has ever picked up on my challenge to debate in the e-mail
format; they will not, in fact dare not, attempt to maintain their point of
view in any environment which they do not control. When the Jews give up
their power to define the parameters of acceptable discussion, and lose the
final resort of killfiling those whom they can silence in no other way,
(i.e. the cyber-version of forcibly coercing political and racial
conformity), they lose — and they know it. When the playing field is level,
we win — and they know it. Others like Ingrid Rimland of the Zundelsite
have had the same experience.

3) Finally, before you start playing with these people, bear in mind
that they are not only sick but vicious and violent, at least where your
computer is concerned. Nizkor makes a standard practice of engaging in
criminal campaigns of harassment and intimidation directed against
Revisionists and anyone else who disagrees with them, including forged
e-mails and spammed “mail bombs”, threats against ISPs to cancel the
accounts of people who dare to oppose them, etc.

So far as I am aware they have never engaged in the deliberate
transmission of computer viruses, because this is outright illegal and would
probably get them arrested and prosecuted. Like all their kind (and ours,
I’m afraid) they don’t really believe in their cause strongly enough to risk
ending up in one of those places where they will be FORCED to have a genuine
multi-racial and culturally diverse experience, generally with their pants
down around their ankles in the shower. Like all bullies, Nizkor seems to
have an innate sense of how far they can go before they cross the line and
risk serious retaliation.

But it can get extremely unpleasant. A case in point is a man named
Matt Giwer, a libertarian in Florida who also happens to be a Revisionist.
Nizkor seems to have decided that Matt Giwer is not going to be allowed on
the Internet, period, and this is a very sinister development if they
eventually get away with it and succeed in driving him off the Net. Giwer
has been repeatedly accused of being a Nazi, which he isn’t, as even the
most cursory examination of his website will demonstrate, but he’s fighting
the Good Fight as far as this goes and he deserves the support of everyone
who opposes tyranny in any form.

For some reason, Giwer has the knack of driving these kooks at
Nizkor absolutely ballistic. I’m not sure exactly why; possibly it’s because
every time they pressure and intimidate an ISP into cutting him off he keeps
bouncing back and there he is posting to their playgroups again. They think
they have him down for good and and he keeps rising up again like Michael
Myers in the Halloween movies, and it’s obviously driving McVay et. al. up
the wall. I won’t say it’s the worst case of Jewish harassment I’ve ever
seen, because it isn’t, but it’s certainly the worst case I’ve come across
on the Internet so far.

I’m going to give Mr. Giwer’s e-mail address (unless they’ve run him
off that ISP now as well) so he can tell his own story to anyone who’s
interested, but I’ll give just one example. At one stage, these people had
set up an ENTIRE SEPARATE WEB PAGE, called the “Giwer-Swine Home Page”,
purely for the purpose of abusing and insulting and threatening this man. I
checked out this page and I admit it came pretty close to freaking me out,
not an inconsiderable accomplishment. There was not one single jot of
political or racial or historical polemic; EVERY WORD was venom and cursing
and abuse against Matt Giwer, and I do mean every word. I sat in my chair
and shook my head in a kind of sick wonder at the kind of mind which would
use this fantastic new tool of communication and creativity for this kind of
petty, unspeakably vicious personal attack against a single individual whose
sole crime was that he refuses to think as they command him to.

I think that’s the main reason I don’t play with Nizkor in their
little cyberspace playpens. I don’t LIKE personal malice or unreasoning
hatred. I don’t LIKE vicious and petty personal spite. I don’t LIKE seeing
human intelligence misused and degraded, first into maintaining an
increasingly threadbare lie about six million Jews who were never killed by
that bad ole meany Hitler, and secondly misused to vomit forth mental sewage
of the kind I have described above. I “lurk” on the playgroups, download
their rubbish, scan it quickly and then trash it and leave with a very
depressing, queasy feeling, kind of like when you’ve eaten too much of
something that’s greasy and badly cooked. No kidding, it’s a real downer —
after I check out the playgroups I generally take a break and listen to some
Mozart or Pentangle or Clannad as a kind of spiritual antacid.

Comrade, if you want to mess with these critters, feel free. You’ll
learn a lot about the Jew and his mind, although after a while you’ll
probably decide you’ve learned more than you really care to know.

Matt Giwer’s latest e-mail address is [email protected] His web site is (page does not exist)

Mr. Giwer is starting a kind of project, assembling the stories of
anyone who has been victimized by computer harassment from Nizkor or anyone
else. He would like to hear from anyone who has had such experiences so as
to form a kind of “support group” for those who are being persecuted in this
manner so as to put a stop to it and — who knows? — maybe even bring some
of the perpetrators to some kind of justice. I’m not sanguine about his
chances, but then Mr. Giwer has proven that he is a very persistent man.

Winston Smith