Nizkor 1, Covington Harold

22nd Oct 96

I have no problem at all in believing that the Georgia Witches’ Sabbath or
whatever it’s supposed to be is a Nizkor hoax. They’ve already used their
newsgroups, or playgroups as you so aptly call them, to start several hoax
stories. One of them was that Tom Metzger was supposed to have “come out”
as a convert and renounced all his evil racist ways. That was one of Rich
Graves’ posts, but the dummy made the mistake of citing a particular web
site which supposedly contained Metzger’s “recantation” and I checked it
out, and there was no such story or document there. Graves just plain made
it up out of whole cloth. Why he then referred people to a web site which
would clearly prove him to be a liar is one for the psychoanalysts.

Another Nizkor hoax is that the Leuchter Report is now “discredited” and
Revisionists are “abandoning it”. As you yourself determined, this simply
isn’t true, although I agree the Rudolf Report is better. The idea that
Leuchter is in any way discredited is pure disinformation on their part.

By the by, I find your comment about Jamie McCarthy being a “bugger boy” to
be interesting. I checked out alt.politics.white-power today and found a
number of homosexual posts offering anal sex FTPs etc. Maybe Jamie made a
mistake in his “moderating” and copied to wrong stuff to the wrong newsgroup.

I first started posting to alt.revisionism in 1994; I think it got started
in ’93. Basically, when it first started up it wasn’t this bad. There was at
least some semblance of actual debate, which the Exterminationists
discovered they were losing, so they quit debating and started killfiling
and altering Revisionist posts and degenerating into the kind of insane,
hate-filled abuse you read on there today. They claim to have “beaten” a
number of Revisionists, which is again nothing but a lie on their part.
Serious Revisionists simply quit posting to the group because they got tired
of having to deal with filthy language and bird-brained bigotry from people
like failed science fiction writer Joel Rosenberg and professional lunatic
Andrew Mathis. I quit posting some months ago although I still “lurk” a lot.

When the abuse failed to halt Revisionism on the Internet they resorted to
using various computer methods and in one case at least that I know about, a
private detective to locate the home addresses and phone numbers of their
opponents who kept on posting, which they followed up with threats and
harassment and attempts to get anyone who disagreed with them fired from
their jobs, i.e. the usual Jewish tactics. Plus the mail bombs and forgeries
like those you and others have experienced. Needless to say, most
Revisionists are serious scholars who have neither the time nor the
inclination to become involved in this type of stupidity, so while they
remain on the Internet they just don’t post to the Nizkor newsgroups any
more. (I agree absolutely with your own position, Winston. How the hell are
you supposed to have a serious discussion on a topic like “Fucking The Skull
Of Kathie Lee Gifford With A Fork”?) The only serious Revisionists who post
any more are Matt Giwer, occasionally Kevin Alfred Strom, and every now and
then your buddy Baron. I think a lot of the crude race-and-Jew-baiting posts
they get and use to start their threads with titles like “Kill All Niggers!”
and that kind of thing are actually dummy posts sent in by McVay or McCarthy
or one of the others under a false e-mail address.

Ron Schoedel was subjected to this kind of thing; he was so badly victimized
he nuked his own Christian Identity web page and tried “recanting” in the
hopes that they would leave him alone, but that didn’t work. Eventually he
quit his job and moved to Michigan to try and escape the persecution of
these scum, but for some reason he seems addicted to the newsgroups and he
keeps on posting to them, he swears he’s changed his evil ways and now he
loves them all but they still pound him with hateful abuse. Just goes to
show there’s no point in trying to pacify these assholes. Once you’re on
their list you’re dog meat, so you might as well keep on fighting.

[NOTE: Schoedel is an associate of “The Boy” and there might actually be
more to this episode than our correspondent is aware of. I am starting to
re-assess my ideas there a bit; there may actually have been more method
than madness in “The Boy’s” behavior, but this is one of those things I
doubt we’ll ever know for sure without access to things like bank records,
etc. – W.S.]

Just to give you an example of how tenuous a grasp these people have on
reality, in mid-1995 I changed my server and user name for perfectly
legitimate reasons having to do with a change of employment. I started
posting on alt.revisionism again, and I was immediately accused of being
Matt Giwer. I didn’t bother to reply to such an idiotic accuation but I
found I could get even less response to my posts than usual; every reply was
just more hysterical abuse and accusations that I was really Matt Giwer.
(They seem to have developed a paranoia about Giwer and a hatred of the poor
guy which has reached truly collossal proportions, totally over the line
into outright insanity, I suppose because he keeps on posting and won’t roll
over and play dead.)

Winston, you are absolutely dead on target in your assessment of these nuts.
They are either just plain crazy and incapable of understanding the
difference between truth and lies, or else like McCarthy and McVay they
appear to be knowingly promoting a hoax, for which one assumes they are
being well paid.

By the by, Hillary Ostrov appears to have disappeared from the Nizkor scene.
I recall one of your NSNet Bulletins a while back about dissension between
the Jews and the Gentiles. The McVay faction seems to have won out, which is
interesting because McVay is the purported “connection” to the Simon
Wiesenthal Center via Alec Grynspan. Interesting that the big-name Jews like
SWC would back a shabbos-goy like McVay, because he’s THEIR shabbos-goy,
than one of their own yentas like Ostrov.

Hang in there, Brother Winston! You are doing a GREAT JOB and you’re deeply
appreciated. Logging on at night and seeing that “NSWPP-CSU” pop up on my
e-mail screen is becoming the high point of my day!


This destiny does not tire, nor can it be broken,
and its mantle of strength descends upon those
in its service.”

– Francis Parker Yockey, IMPERIUM
Downloaded from the directory
on Dec. 29, 1996.