Nix on murungu, Black Don

Murungu, in his AR addendum, said (>) and Dennis replies:

>Even more extraordinary that he would be addressing (AR) conference that
>purports to represent white interests. Don’t anti-white Jews such as Yarmuth
>have enough platforms already?


>Why does Jared give them yet another one?

It’s called testing yourself, your ideas, and your enemy in a controlled
arena. Often Jared is speaking in a liberal controlled arena, on radio, TV,
in front of college students, etc. Besides Jared didn’t know Yarmouth was
a Jew. There has been enough interbreeding between Jews and other whites
that in some cases you can’t tell the difference. Because of some adoption,
a few Jews may be “Aryan” genetically. Of course, most Ashkenazi can be
distinguished visually.

>Does he really think that Yarmuth will give him very much space in his

We’ll see. Isn’t the chance at that space worth some effort at acheiving it?

>(Sam Francis’) position
>in the establishment Jewish mass media dictated a go-soft approach on racial
>and political issues. He adhered to this because of his vested interest in
>keeping his national column along with the salary and prestige afforded him
>by the Washington DC newspaper he wrote for. No doubt Francis aspired to
>some sort of role in the mandarin caste elite. Perhaps he fantasized that
>he could somehow sabotage it from within when in reality all he really did
>was serve it.

A lot of speculation here – petty speculation, too. How did Francis serve
the elite? By trying to infiltrate it and work from within for whites? Or
perhaps, he “woke up” to his race’s danger after having achieved some
success within the media, and then began speaking out. Does it matter?

Don’t want to be personal here, but Francis is openly writing and speaking
for whites – using his own name, jeoparding himself, his family, and his
career. In fact, he has lost status, a job, and money, while being
castigated and threatened. If the time comes, every indication is that
Francis will physically put himself on the line. Critic Murungu denounces
Francis, but protects himself, his family, his job by remaining anonymous.
This apparent hypocrisy is pretty common on this forum. Who is better? Who
is worse? In an earlier piece on the AR conference, Murungu made some
unfortunate disparaging comments on Francis’ appearance. Those type of
comments reflect more on Murungu than on Francis.

>One could say: ‘personalities and organisations
>that are closest to us on many issues, but deny the importance of the Jewish
>dimension in our racial dispossession and disempowerment, are our worst
>enemies.’ This, frankly, is decidedly where AR stands.

No, it is not where AR stands. Murungu, and probably no one else, has ever
heard Jared “deny the importance of the Jewish dimension…” I haven’t. On
this forum, we somethimes hear: “So and so is a worthless race traitor
because he doesn’t say what I want him to say, he doesn’t use the tactics I
want him to use, etc.”

Let’s evaluate and understand what has happened in the past, what’s going
on now, who the enemy is, and who’s on our side. The white race’s future
appears gloomy right now – that’s why we’re upset. But we shouldn’t let
emotion cloud analysis of our own or someone else’s current strategy or
tactics. There is room for various approaches to solving the problem.

Please note that I’m not saying Jared’s strategy is the right one or the
wrong one. I’m saying, let’s observe, understand, and learn from it. Same
with Pierce, Wilmot Robertson, Hawthorne, Zundel, Weber, Tyndall, LaPen,
Zhironovsky, Duke, whoever. Of course, better yet, we should be doing
something, supporting one or more of these guys.

Finally, I know Murungu. He’s actually put his life on the line for white
people (as has Don Black). I’m not saying anything bad about him. He knows
his own situation and what’s best for him. I’m just suggesting that his
criticism of Jared probably isn’t valid. Murungu is a good guy. Jared is a
good guy, too.
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