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Anthony Sabatini wrote:

>Jamie McCarthy wrote in article
>> “Anthony Sabatini” wrote:
>> And the reason for the gas vans, and later gas chambers, as the
>> instruments of killing, was to alleviate that mental stress.
>Your reasoning is sound here, but I would like to see the evidence.

Did not General Johannes Blaskowitz of the Wehrmacht write in

[ . . .]

(c) The effects on the role of the Wehrmacht need hardly be mentioned.
It is forced to watch these crimes without being able to do anything.
It has irreparably lost considerable amount of respect especially
among the Polish population.

(d) The worst damage, however, affecting Germans, which has defeloped
as a result of the current circumstances, is the tremendous
brutalization and moral depravity which is spreading rapidly among
precious German manpower like an epidemic.

If high-ranking SS and police officials demand and openly praise acts
of violence and brutality, before long people who commit acts of
violence will predominate alone. It is suprising how quickly such
people join forces with those of weak character in order, as is
currently happening in Poland, to give rein to their bestial and
pathological instincts. . . .
(From page 5 of _”The Good Old Days”, Klee, Dressen, and Riess,

What does Rudolf Hoess, the kommandant of Auschwitz, have to say?

“Now we had the gas, and we had established a procedure. I always
shuddered at the procpect of carrying out exterminations by shooting,
when I thought of the vast numbers concerned, and of the women and
children. The shooting of hostages, and the group executions ordered
by the Reichsfhrer SS or by the Reich Security Head Office had been
enough for me. I was therefore relieved to think that we were to be
spared all these bloodbaths, and that the victims too would be spared
suffering until their last moment came. It was precisely this which
had caused me the greatest concern when I had heard Eichmann’s
description of Jews being mown down by the Special Squads armed with
machine-guns and machine pistols. Many gruesome scenes are said to
have taken place, people running away after being shot, the finishing
off of the wounded and particularly of the women and children. Many
members of the Einsatzkommandos, unable to endure wading through blood
any longer, had committed suicide. Some had even gone mad. Most of the
members of these Kommandos had to rely on alchohol when carrying out
their horrible work. According to Hfle’s description, the men
employed at Globocnik’ extermination centres consumed amazing
quantities of alchohol.” (page 94-95 _KL Auschwitz Seen By the SS_.)

“In the fall of 1941, one of the leading Einsatzgruppen generals,
Erich von dem Bach-Zelewski, stunned Himmler by declaring to him,
after they had witnessed the killing of about one hundred Jews: ‘Look
at the eyes of the men in this Kommando, how deeply shaken they are!
These men are finished [fertig] for the rest of their lives. What kind
of followers are we training here? Either neurotics or savages!’ ”
(From page 159 of Robert Jay Lifton’s _The Nazi Doctors_)

When Eichmann was being interrogated:

Less: The pit was full of corpses?

Eichmann: It was full. It was full. I went to my car, I got in and
drove away. I drove to Lemberg. I had no orders to go to Lemberg, I
remember now. Somehow I went to Lemberg and found the man in charge of
the Gestapo command post and said to him: “It’s horrible what they’re
doing there. They’re training young men to be sadists.” I told Mller
the exact same thing. I told Gnther, too. I told everybody. I told
them all. And I said to that SS officer in Lemberg: “How can they
stand there firing at a woman and children? How is it possible? . . .
It’s just not . . . Those men will either go mad or they’ll turn into
sadists . . . our own men.” He said to me: “They’re doing the same
thing right here, shooting. Want to see?” “No,” I said. “I don’t want
to see anything.” “We’re driving past here anyway,” he said. There had
been a pit there, it was already filled in, and blood was gushing out
of it . . . how shall I say? . . . like a geyser. I’ve never seen
anything like it. I’d had enough of that mission. I went back to
Berlin and reported what I’d seen to Gruppenfhrer Mller. I said to
him: “This is no solution to the Jewish Question. And besides, we’re
training our men to be sadists. We shouldn’t be suprised if they all
turn out to be criminals, all criminals.”
(From page 80 of _Eichmann Interrogated_ Jochen von Lang and Claus
Sibyll editors)

“As the firing started, Himmler was even more nervous. During each
volley he looked to the ground. When the two women could not die,
Himmler yelled to the police sergeant not to torture them.

[Then we have the conversation with Von dem Bach which I quoted

“Himmler was visibly moved and decided to make a speech to all who
were assembled there. Hoe pointed out that the Einsatzgruppen were
called up on to fulfil a repulsive (widerliche) duty. He wuld not like
it if Germans did such a thing gladly. But their conscience was in no
way impaired, for they were soldiers who had to carry out every order
unconditionally. He alone had responsibility before God and Hitler for
everything that was happening . . . .
After the speech Himmler, Nebe, von dem Bach, and the chief of
Himmler’s Personal Staff, Wolff, inspected an insane asylum. Himmler
ordered Nebe to end the suffering of these people as soon as possible.
At the same timeHimmler asked Nebe to “turn over in his mind” various
oter killing methods more humane than shooting. Nebe asked for
permissoin to try out dynamite on the mentally sick people. Von dem
Bachh and Wolff protested that the sick people after all were not
guinea pigs, but Himmler decided in favor of the attempt. Much later,
Nebe confided to von dem Bach that the dynamite had been tried on the
inmates with woeful results.”
(From pages 218-19 of _The Destruction of the European Jews_ by Raul

There is much more Mr. Sabatini. All you have to do is ask.

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