Nazi Conspiracy & Aggression

Nazi Conspiracy & Aggression
Office of United States
Chief of Counsel For Prosecution
of Axis Criminality

Volume I

Agreement, Charter, Indictment 1, Motions, Rulings (etc.), Opening address for the United States, Organization of the Nazi Party and State, Means used by conspirators to gain control of the State, Suppression and persecution, economic aspects of gaining control, Launching the wars of aggression, wars against neighboring States, Treaty violations, Opening address by the UK, slave labor, treatment of the Jews, concentration camps, etc.

Volume II

Criminality of Groups and Organizations, Individual Responsibility of Defendants, Biographical Data

Harvard Law Library’s Nuremberg Trials Project 

Volume III [Page doesn’t exist]

Document number 0001-PS through document number 1406-PS, Courtesy Yale University’s Avalon Project

Volume IV [Page doesn’t exist]

Document number 1409-PS through document number 2373-PS, Courtesy Yale University’s Avalon Project

Volume VI (Archives)

Document numbers 3313-PS through 3901-PS, C-2 through C-195, and D-39 through D-281 (Work in progress)