Nazi Conspiracy & Aggression Volume II Individual Responsibilities of Defendants Hans Frank

Part 1
A. Frank Held A Position Of Leadership In The Nationalsozialistsche Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (NSDAP) And In The German Government.
B. Frank Promoted The Seizure Of Power By The Nazi Conspirators. As The Leading Nazi Jurist, He Furthered The Realization Of The Conspirators’ Program In The Field Of Law.
Part 2
B. (continued)
Part 3
C. Through Use Of His Office As Governor General, Frank Participated In The Conspiracy To Commit War Crimes And Crimes Against Humanity In The Territory Of The General Government Of Poland.
Part 4
D. The Protocol Under Which The Purposes Of Frank’s Administration Of The General Government Were Defined Constitutes In Itself A Criminal Plan Or Conspiracy.
Part 5
E. Frank Advocated And Administered A Program Of Exterminating Jews Of Polish Nationality Within The General Government.
Part 6
F. Frank Imposed Upon The Population Of The General Government A Reign Of Terror, Oppression, Impoverishment And Starvation.
1) Undernourishment of Polish population.
Part 7
1) (continued)
2) Resettlement projects.
3) Encroachments and confiscations in the industries and in the field of private property.
Part 8
4) Principle of collective responsibility.
Part 9
5) Rigorous methods of recruiting workers.
Part 10
6) Closing of schools
G. Conclusion.
Legal References And List Of Documents Relating To Hans Frank