Nazi Conspiracy & Aggression Volume I Chapter IV Motions, Rulings & Explanatory Material Rel ating to Certain of the Defendants (Part 6 of 9)


Counsel for Streicher orally requested the Tribunal, on 15 November 1945, to appoint a commission to make a psychiatric examination of the defendant. This was requested for the Defense Counsel’s “own protection”, although the defendant thought himself normal and did not wish an examination. The Tribunal directed the Defense Counsel to make his motion in writing. The Soviet prosecutor suggested to the Tribunal the desirability of having such an examination, if it were necessary at all, while medical experts from the Soviet Union remained in Nurnberg. Subsequently a panel of three medical experts examined Streicher and reported that he was fit to stand trial. The Tribunal thereupon ruled, Lord Justice Lawrence making the announcement orally in court on 22 November, that

” *** the Tribunal wishes me to announce the decision on the application made on behalf of the Defendant Julius Streicher by his counsel that his condition should be examined. It has been examined by three medical experts on behalf of the Tribunal and their report has been submitted to and considered by the Tribunal; and it is as follows:

” ‘1. The Defendant Julius Streicher is sane.

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” ‘2. The Defendant Julius Streicher is fit to appear before the Tribunal, and to present his defense.

” ‘3. It being the unanimous conclusion of the examiners that Julius Streicher is sane, he is for that reason capable of understanding the.nature and policy of his acts during the period of time covered by the indictment.’

“The Tribunal accepts the report of the medical experts and the trial against Julius Streicher will, therefore, proceed.”