Mr. Giwer expresses his support for free speech

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From: [email protected] (Matt Giwer)
Newsgroups: alt.politics.white-power,alt.politics.nationalism.white,alt.revisionism,alt.skinheads
Subject: McVay, never a Marine, unless a queen marine
Date: Sat, 20 Jul 1996 07:55:40 GMT
Message-ID: <[email protected]>

On 19 Jul 1996 16:29:15 -0700, [email protected] (Ken McVay OBC) wrote:

[snip]”Glad I’m not in the Corps anymore, George.”

But you harrassed a fellow Marine in his 80s and very close to the end just to get my phone number.

You worthless slime.

Marines do not do that to each other.

May I suggest my patience is near an end?

You had better respond real soon now.

This is another of those next to last warnings just to give you time to do so.

You claim I am in your killfile. That is your claim. My posts are public. If you choose not to read them then you have brought your problems upon yourself. And I think I can bring down half of the corp upon you for what you are doing to my parents, one of whom is a marine.

Mr. McVay, my terms are very simple.

EVERY mention of me disappears from NIZKOR without expection in any manner or form, period, no exceptions. Not even oblique references or secondary quotations. EVERYTHING goes as though it never existed.

You publically post that you will take action and that you do take action against anyone who contacts any member of my family or me in any derogatory manner save via this newsgroup.

That you do not play lawyer and find a way to circumvent these terms.

Is that clear enough?

Or shall I spell it out further?

If I have to spell it out further, unspecified penalities will be invoked.

I hope this is clear.