More COTC Violence: The Saga of George David Loeb

On May 17, 1991, George Loeb, 36, a COTC “reverend,” killed Petty Officer 3rd Class Harold J. Mansfield, Jr., 22, an African-American Persian Gulf War veteran from Oklahoma city, Oklahoma. The murder took place in the parking lot of a shopping center in Neptune Beach, Florida, where the two individuals lived.

According to press accounts at the time of the murder, the incident occurred when Loeb’s car made a left turn into the parking lot, almost sideswiping Mansfield’s car, which was backing out. Trouble began when Mansfield honked his horn at Loeb; an argument ensued, but Mansfield pulled away. Loeb then pulled into a convenience store, where, while buying two six-packs of beer, he handed the cashier a business card that read “White People Awaken. Save the White Race.” The cashier told reporters that Loeb had also angrily shouted his racist views throughout the store.

The whole incident might have ended there, but Mansfield tragically decided to return to the parking lot. accompanied by a friend and armed with a brick, to confront Loeb. When Mansfield and the COTC member saw one another, their argument resumed. Mansfield brought out his brick; Loeb produced a .25-caliber semiautomatic handgun. According to newspaper accounts, Mansfield retreated at this point, but Loeb fired a single bullet into Mansfield’s chest, blowing the veteran back into his car.

Loeb continued to fire his gun, apparently at Mansfield’s companion, who was running toward the grocery store to call for help. By the time the man returned to the car, Mansfield was already near death. “I was telling him [Mansfield] not to die on me,” he told reporters. “He was my best friend.”

Though this was certainly the most graphic manifestation of Loeb’s COTC-derived racist philosophy, it was not the first In November 1990, he had been arrested after an African-American woman told police that she and her daughter had been followed by Loeb, who had called the woman a racist name and had threatened to shoot her. The following January, he reportedly started a fistfight with a Black neighbor the morning after he had been arrested on charges of disorderly intoxication and resisting arrest. During this period, the tenant association at Loeb’s condominium complex attempted unsuccessfully to have him and his wife evicted. “The tense situation can only get worse, culminating in possible violent action.” the tenants wrote to Loeb’s landlord.

Loeb himself had recorded his violent beliefs in a number of writings over the years. For example, only seven weeks before the murder, he wrote a letter to The Fort Pierce Tribune, in which he stated:

To you, your readers and all of chose quoted [in a Tribune article]. let me just say this_WAKE UP! There is no need to judge each individual nigger. We do not have the time…. It is your obvious intention to reinforce the mistaken impressions of the ignorant. This is to the detriment of the besieged white community. It is also why we publish and distribute Racial Loyalty: to offset the deliberate lies and distortions of the jewish [sic] media and to motivate White people to clean up this mess themselves since they cannot count on you, your paper or your police for any help.

Loeb had also once told a reporter that, “The only thing they [Blacks] can do is get’in my face, and that’s a mistake…. If my back’s against the wall, I won’t run. I have to do what I have to do.” In all, police seized 1,600 pages of personal correspondence and racist propaganda from Loeb’s apartment, of which only 15 pages were introduced at his trial; according to news accounts, the most significant of these documents was a handwritten note to a member of the Ku Klux Klan in which Loeb advised: “The frequent use of the word nigger should lead to a widespread and violent black uprising that should give whites (and possibly police) the opportunity to kill large numbers of them with impunity. It is our feeling as Creators [i.e., C0TC members] that shrinking the numbers of blacks worldwide is one of the highest priorities.”

Within hours of the killing, Loeb and his wife Barbara, 31, had moved out of their condominium, and had fled the state. Though police reported that Barbara Loeb was spotted two weeks later in Wisconsin, where members of her family lived, the fugitive couple was arrested on June 6, 1991, in Poughkeepsie, New York. Police tracked the two down to a grocery store where Loeb had allegedly assaulted a security guard who had caught him trying to steal a $3.35 package of turkey breast. When the arriving officers searched the Loebs’ car, they found two smoke bombs, a .22-caliber rifle with a scope and extra magazines, a 12 gauge shotgun, and approximately one thousand rounds of assorted ammunition. Additionally, Barbara Loeb’s purse contained a handgun and ammunition.