Mcvay unemployable bum, Grosvenor William

Speaking of himself in the third person he says

Ken McVay

Ken McVay is a retired 56-year-old Vancouver Island man who has been one
of theleaders in developing and carrying out community based and grass roots
strategies for countering the lies of those promoting hatred on the Internet.”

Given his early retirement (and no mention of the actual year in which it
occurred so it was certainly at a younger age) we have here, in the judgement of
OBCon volunteer Danny Keren, an unemployable bum. Woud Danny lie to you?

The next line

The work McVay’s been doing, now known as The Nizkor Project, has consumed
more than five years of his life.”

That it has consumed five years of his life, the implication is that he
has been an unemployable bum since age 51. Not a bad record of bumhood.
Perhaps that explains why he has said an eye magazine interview years ago that
if his computer failed he could not replace it. That is, the dole would not
stretch that far.

The picture emerging here is of a male welfare queen.

Mauving right along.

“He was compelled to counter the deceit of holocaust deniers and
hate mongers after running across grossly antisemitic material on
the Internet in January of 1992. It had been posted by Dan
Gannon, from Portland, Oregon, and included large doses of
neo-Nazi propaganda.”

“Alarmed and disgusted with the nature of this material, McVay began making
trips to the local library in search of Holocaust information, and borrowing
armloads of books on the subject.”

If this is true then he started posting against Mr. Gannon BEFORE he did
any research whatsoever. But then given the digusting nature of the posts of
his volunteers it is difficult to understand just what can disgust this man.
Obviously the most obscene material in the english language has NEVER disgusted
him. Exposing young people to such language has never bothered him in
the least. It is unclear just what is the threshold of his disgust.

And the next part …

“He began what has now become his life’s work, rereading many of the three
hundred books about World War II that he had read as a teenager and reading for
the first time countless additional books specifically about the Holocaust. He
transcribed relevant information into his computer and then used this
documentation to refute the specific claims made by Mr. Gannon.”

For those who know OBCon from this newsgroup there is clearly no
indication of this quantity of reading unless he has a serious retention
problem. He posts ignorantly of the best known details and posts well known
incorrect items as true. He is well behind the curve of the Discovery Channel
in his knowledge of WW II as everyone has read.

And you will note that transcribed in this case means pirated. And as
those who have read his pirated material know, he relies upon third hand,
derivative sources while Mr. Gannon relied upon original sources. If this was a
defense of the holocaust, only a holohugger could give him a win in any case.

The next line is interesting.

“Unemployed at the time, McVay often spent 18 to 20 hours a day typing, and soon
found that he had somehow amassed over 3500 pages of information. As the flood
of information increased, so did demands for the information; requests inundated
McVay’s electronic mailbox, and he soon found himself a defacto, full-time
Holocaust researcher and librarian to the world of the Internet.”

Unemployed at the time, that time being five years before present making
him at least an unemployable bum since age 50. Danny Keren sure can identify
bums from a mile aware. So here we have an unashamed welfare queen sucking off
the teat of the productive in British Columbia. Instead of offering to sell his
research services to get off of the dole, he indulges himself at the expense of
the BC taxpayer.

There is always a market for research, typing and computer skills. Does
he try to make a living with them? No. He sucks off of the public dole rather
than earn an honest living. And in return what did BC get for its years of
supporting him? The greatest contribution to the cause of censoring the
internet ever to be found in one conference. Almost forget, the strangest
collection of eyewitness testimony to the physically impossible ever to be put
in one place.

Next point.

“Today he is building one of the most extensive and thorough information sources
about the Holocaust and the activities of racists and white supremacists in the
world. McVay and his team of volunteers devote countless hours to the
maintenance and improvement of this massive collection – hours which represented
over one-and-a-half million dollars worth of donated effort by mid-1995.”

The copious copyright violations have been noted as well as the content.
The new point to note here is that the volunteers have grown from 65 in the
award of the OBC to 160 in a recent speech. Yet there have never been more than
8 listed on his website.

And of course we all know of the subhuman obscenities his male and female
volunteers post in public for young people to read. We also note that his
stated purpose is for young people to read the material his supporters post.

Why does this man AND British Columbia, want young people to read such
language from his volunteers? It is the impressionable young people who read
their obscenities and it is the impressionable young people are used to justify
the obscenities. This is all very strange.

Mauving right along

“Today he is building one of the most extensive and thorough information sources
about the Holocaust and the activities of racists and white supremacists in the
world. McVay and his team of volunteers devote countless hours to the
maintenance and improvement of this massive collection – hours which represented
over one-and-a-half million dollars worth of donated effort by mid-1995.”

What needs to be noted is that this quantity was accomplished by avoiding
such legal niceties as “by permission of the author” and so forth.

As to the cash value of the effort, that depends strongly upon the
imputed cash value of the time. We do have a basis for cost estimating. That
basis is the claim that Mr. McVay put 3500 pages on line while on the BC dole.

Then next step in the cost estimate comes in the next paragraph.

“At the moment, McVay is directing a massive effort to construct what will
arguably become the world’s largest Holocaust-resource Web site, one which will
offer well over a gigabyte of material within the next few years, including the
entire transcripts of the Nuremberg Trials. (Since May 1995, the Nizkor team has
placed 2,980 pages on the world-wide web, and delivered an astounding one
million pages of text via Nizkor’s aging 486, which was retired in February of

So here we have a ratio that is suitable for any High School exam, 3500
pages is to 2980 pages as one and one half million dollars (even Canadian) is to
X. Find X.

That means over six years the British Columbina welfare system paid Mr.
McVay 1.277 million dollars Canadian.

Dear British Columbia. Is this true or is Mr. OBC lying on behalf of the
Province? Please respond in detail. If he is telling the truth, can you
suggest a motel for me to stay at while I sign up?

As a matter of truth that I am aware of the 486 was retired as a server
in May 1996 after Matt Giwer made many unacknowledged contributions in pointing
out its inherent inadequacy.

Next we have

“The Nizkor sites have proven themselves invaluable tools for Holocaust
researchers, the media, students, and those concerned with the alarming rise of
neo-Nazi activity on the Internet. The Nizkor network utilizes six servers,
spread over two continents, to deliver it’s information.”

There are several claims here As to the servers, that is no more than an
artifact of the ISLAND.NET that hosts Nizkor. It has no bearing upon the truth
as only the computer illiterate would be impressed by the claim.

As to the “invaluable tool” claim, Matt Giwer is currently conducting a
survey of prominent teachers of the holocaust regarding the value of Nizkor.
Results will be posted when there are a significant number of replies.

Next …

“In recognition of the value of McVay’s work to the people and province, he was
awarded the Order of British Columbia in 1995 – the highest honour the
Provincial government can bestow upon a citizen*, and a special Media Human
Rights Award, presented by B’nai Brith Canada in March of 1996.”

And more interesting it appears that not only does British Columbia honor
obscenity for young people on the internet but also B’nai Brith Canada promotes
such vile obscentities for young people. What is Canada’s Dudley Doright image
coming to?

Next …

“Ken now travels extensively throughout North America, conducting workshops and
seminars dealing with Holocaust denial and hate speech on the Internet.”

While it is technically true that Canada is North America and that he has
on rare occasions been south of the border a few tens of miles in this regard,
the very statement is grossly deceptive. And if is of course absolutely true
that he has NEVER ONCE spoken upon the vulgar obscenities his supporters and
volunteers post for young people to read. He has never spoken of his plausible
deniability in being responsible for it.

He has never credited B’nai Brith Canada for promoting this kind of
vulgar obscenity for young people to read on the internet.

He has never credited British Columbia with promoting this disgrace to
cultured people everywhere around the world.


Spielberg bought an Oscar with a Schindler.
“Fight hate with obsenity.” OBCon

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