Make it useless, Giwer Matt

[email protected] Tom Moran wrote:

>[email protected] (DvdThomas) wrote:

>>Heck, since Dan Keren is using retreads, I may as well do the same:

>Dvd, I don’t think there is any need to justify using material that
>has been posted before. After all, the material is not posted out here
>just to convince the usual. It should be posted for the reasons of
>informing any new comers to alt.rev.

I think it is an outstanding policy to return floods of reposts with
floods of reposts.

After all the holohuggers think they own this conference. It is about
time they learned better. After all if a low IQ person such as I can do
what two of them now have said I have done, if everyone starts doing
this we may be able to firmly re-establish this as a conference on

That is, make it useless to the hijackers.

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