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[email protected] Yale F. Edeiken wrote:

>> [email protected] (Matt Giwer) writes:
>> The vector for typhus is the human body louse. (At least it was when
>> I looked in the Merck manual) They lay eggs in the hair. Even today
>> one simply shaves the hair off. The expensive hair treatments are for
>> women who won’t tolerate the easy way.
> The human body louse does *not,* as a general matter, lay its eggs in
>human hair. This has been pointed out to you several times. The lice that most
>frequently lay their eggs in human hair are different varieties of lice. These lice are
>not body lice and are not a vector for typhus. The most efficient method for
>eliminating the eggs of body lice is the disinfection of bedding and clothing.
>Treatment of the hair is secondary. It is not hard — nit pickers were a common
>item in colonial America and a staple product of the local hornsmith even on the
>frontier — and the chemical treatment used today is neither expensive or difficult. It
>is an over-the-counter remedy still available at local pharmacies and the
>formulation has not changed since WWI. At least two people have posted about
>your basic mistake several times.

I hope you are not going to pretend the Merck Manual covers the body
louse as an entry. I looked up Typhus and found this information.
And just a couple years ago a teenager I know shows up with a shaved
head and that was his story.
Now if you are going to swear that any camp in its right mind was
going to send a specimen down to the lab to determine which type of
louse is involved before determining which action to take then you
will swear to anything.
Further that they would bother with the shampoo route when the shaving
route is clearly cheaper and more certain it is not clear why another
other method would be used.
It appears this is another one of those cases where otherwise
authoritative references are going to have to be modified to add
“except in Nazi KZs.”

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