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Matt Giwer wrote:
>[email protected] (tom moran) wrote:
>> On May 7, 1996
>>Moran posted: “The Official Nizkor Code of Responding”
>> Hillary Ostrov
>> (Nizkor co-webmaster)
>> alt.revisionism
>> “No Zyklone – then DDT”
>> “Many of us believe that ridicule
>> is the most appropriate response to
>> one who(offers) up thoroughly idiotic
>> questions and responses.”
>> ‘We at Nizkor will be the ultimate authority on what
>>constitutes “idiotic questions and responses”.
>> Actually, it is a childish ploy for evasion. Hilary has never,
>>as far as I know, posted anything of substance. Of course she could
>>come back and post some of her stuff to rebuke this claim. Okay
>>Hillary, go for it.
> Actually she did make the substantive contribution that regex is a
>search engine.

Another false John Dean-type hallucinatory eyewitness speaks of
something he never saw. A DejaNews search for “regex” and “search engine”
reveals no such claim from Hilary Ostrov or anyone else for that matter.
The closest thing is a question asking Giwer if he knew about search
engines. No claim that Nizkor had one.

Psychic prediction: Giwer will never post any evidence that I am
wrong. Because, of course, he has none.

Mike Stein The above represents the Absolute Truth.
POB 10420 Therefore it cannot possibly be the official
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