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Kevin Filan writes:

> 1) To Ken: in your next “Questions for Les Griswold,” you might
> want to ask when he plans on openly admitting that he was wrong on the
> “Law of Retoin.” As I recall, he said that he would openly admit he was
> wrong

That article of Les’ is appended.

Note that it calls for the exact citing of the text (which I imagine is
in Hebrew; does he stand a chance in hell of being able to read it!?),
and for a personal 250-word essay on “What is a Jew?” from his
detractors (_all_ his detractors?)

> From there I’d like the “exterminationists” on the group (the
> people here, plus whomever else wanted to sign) to place their names on
> it.

I think it’s a bit silly, but might not be a bad idea for
politico-tactical reasons (sigh).

Jamie McCarthy [email protected] [email protected] I speak only for myself.

Date: Wed, 10 May 1995 20:34:24 GMT
>From: [email protected] (Les Griswold)
Subject: The Law of Retoin

There’s been a lot of stink about my claim that the Law of Return in
Israel is in error.

All right.

I will admit that I am in error on this one, IF, my detractors will be so
kind as to:

1) Quote (publicly) the FULL text of the Law of Return; and,

2) Tell us EXACTLY how they define “jews”.

There’s been a lot of “you don’t know what you’re talking about”. Let’s
see if the big-mouths have the balls to respond.

Our situation is desperate, and we can afford no illusions, no retreat
into a land of dreams. Now, more than ever, optimism is cowardice.
 Revilo P. Oliver

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