Lie no landfills, Giwer Matt

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> What people have to realize is that we are faced with posts
>like this. They seem to believe that there was no history before they
>were born and that landfills were always the way things were done.

> No matter how stupid that is, incineration was the preferred
>method up until the EPA got the power to ban it. There were no
>landfills prior to then. Incineration is cheaper. (speaking of
>bodies …)

The above will come as news to many people, not least those in the
archaeological line who often rely on the materials found in middens in
their studies of the past. A midden was (and is) another name for a heap
of rubbish, some of which were and are entirely above-ground and others
in holes in the ground (i.e. landfill). The news that incineration was
easier and/or cheaper had obviously not reached our ancestors.


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