Lie nailed, Giwer Matt

[Note from Mike Stein: Normally, I don’t talk this way, but it is Mr.
Giwer’s literary style. I thought he might appreciate it if I spoke
to him in language he might be able to understand. I pride myself on
my adaptable communications protocols.]

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In article <[email protected]>,
>[email protected] (Michael P. Stein) wrote:
>>> As you remember, I publically asked for documentation of gassing.
>> No, I don’t remember. Why don’t you repost the article in which you
>>did so? I found one in which you talked about the Wannsee Protocol being
>>offered as evidence of _extermintion_. But that is not identical to
>> Psychic prediction: Giwer will never post or give a DejaNews URL for
>>the article which supports this “memory.”
> If you are not going to pay attention to the conference, I will not
>assume the duty of making up for your lapses. I spend my time on this.
>The least you can do is spend your own time.

I have done so. I have paid attention. And my memory tells me that
matters are not as you say. And DejaNews tells me that for articles which
it can find, such as the posting of the German version of the Wannsee
Protocol, my memory is correct and yours is wrong. I am sorry, but
DejaNews cannot find articles which you have hallucinated and neither can

You know that nobody can prove a negative. Since you are the one
claiming the true history of the discussion is such and such, it is your
duty to provide the proof of the existence of articles such as you
describe. I have looked and followed threads, but proof of its
nonexistence is not possible. Sorry about that. You made the claim of
existence, you bear the burden of proof. Sorry about that again. Deal
with it. As you know, hypocrisy is not a nice thing to see.

> But then of course, I have suddenly been getting the mantra to look it
>up on Dejanews. What makes you special that you do not have to?

_You_ are the one engaging in special pleading, avoiding providing
proof for claims when you demand it from everyone else. You claim an
article saying such-and-such exists, then you are responsible for backing
up that claim.

I _did_ look it up on DejaNews, as I said in text you dishonestly cut
out of my post. The German version of the Wannsee Protocol is easily found
– “Sicherheitspolizei” doesn’t crop up in too many posts. You said Daniel
Keren posted it in response to a question about gassing. DejaNews says
Gordon McFee was responsible, and shows that it was not in response to a
question about gassing. Anyone can search as I did and confirm this. At
this point the weight of evidence is that your eyewitness testimony here
about who said what when and why isn’t worth the paper John Dean’s false
testimony was written down on.

Sorry, sport, but your cutting things out of my post without even
noting that you did and writing as if I never said them shows you are a
dishonest liar without any integrity. And DejaNews also says you are a
false lying hallucinating worthless John Dean-type eyewitness. And
perhaps I should not mention this, but I think it is fair to ask: if you
cannot remember what you read just a few weeks ago and who wrote it, why
should you remember science any better?

Give it up, boy. Your sorry lying ass is nailed. And DejaNews has it
all recorded for posterity. I cannot change that. And neither can you,
unless Marduk or the Israeli government lets you have root access to the
DejaNews server.

Mike Stein The above represents the Absolute Truth.
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