Lie lean mixtures, Giwer Matt

[email protected] Michael P. Stein writes:

[To Matt Giwer, in response to Giwer’s article addressed to me]

# wrote:

## Please do not lie about your previous posts.
## You said that irritants were only produced by lean mixtures.

# Of course no evidence is offered. As usual.

Of course none is offered by the mentally retarded Giwer-troll;
this is because I said nothing of the sort. I said that, when using
lean mixtures, *the major* cause of death were irritants. However,
I did not say that they were “only produced by lean mixtures”.
I said that irritants, NO2, and CO exist in the output, and
that their relative role in causing death changed between
different running conditions.

You don’t suppose Giwer could understand this, right? The man’s
obviously retarded. He cannot even deal with third grade arithmetic,
as he proved here time and time again.

-Danny Keren.

Lies written in ink can never disguise facts written in blood.

-Lu Xun.

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