Lie kick em out, Giwer Matt

Strange to me but it appears the holohuggers are on the run.

We finally can kick them out of our newsgroup if we work at it.

We really do not want them here but we can tolertate their intruision
into this newsgroup.

Holohuggers are not wanted but thay are tolarereted.

And holohuggers are free to be here and they will never be mail bombed
or subjected to any other juvenile prank that the holohuggers are
prone to such as AG and Marduk and McFly.

Holohuggers are the onle people who have harrassesd anyone and they
are the only amimals in need of taming.

Not one revsisionist has ever attacked a holohugger and that is fact.

The only people wanting to stop people from posting are halohuggers.

The only people who receive threats are revsionists.

The only violent people are the holohuggers.

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