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>From by Bradley F. Smith (no, not _that_
>Bradley Smith!), New York: 1977. page 66

>… The British wanted to simplify the evidence, take stock of what
>existed, pick the defendants, and go to trial immediately. The Americans,
>OTOH, contended that what they wanted was not merely to convict a handful
>of defendants but the spread the net as widely as possible and even
>suggested preparing an indictment of a hundred or so co-conspirators. The
>French and the Russians bounced back and forth …

>On August 13, the Soviets suggested a plan that offered a way out.
>Instead of collectively haggling about the case as a whole, the Soviets
>recommended that it be divided into four parts. They would handle the war
>crimes and crimes against humanity that had occurred in Eastern Europe,
>and the French would cover similar crimes that had taken place in the
>West. The British would prepare the case for crimes against peace, and
>the Americans would deal with conspiracy and criminal organizations. …
>In fact, the four prosecutions seized on the idea with great enthusiasm,
>and it not only served to delineate responsibility for preparing evidence,
>but became the blueprint for the actual presentations at Nuremberg. ends>

Thank you. That does explain the strange nature of the
interrogations and why these gas chambers were only found in
Eastern Europe, Russian justice. Why the Nazis were even
convicted of Katyn Woods. It would be interesting to compare the
testimony and evidence in that trial (?) to the rest of the
holocaust convictions.

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