Lie interrogation methods, Giwer Matt

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> And holohuggers could produce only personal attacks when I talked
> 1940s interrogation methods.

A lie, of course. The results of several careful investigations were
printed. None demonstrated any physical abuse.

> (TESTIMONY OF KICK, microfilm pages 000145-9).
> A: I was here in Dachau from the 6th to the 15th of May, under arrest;
> during this time I was beaten all during the day and night… kicked…
> I had to stand to attention for hours; I had to kneel down on sharp
> objects or square objects; I had to stand under the lamp for hours and
> look into the light, at which time I was also beaten and kicked; as a
> result of this treatment my arm was paralysed for about 8 to 10 weeks;
> only beginning with my transfer to Augsberg, this treatment stopped.

A medical report contradicted this testimony.

> Q: What were you beaten with?
> A: With all kinds of objects.
> Q: Describe them, please.
> A: With whips, with lashing whips, with rifle butts, pistol butts, and
> pistol barrels, and with hands and fists.

None of which even bruised the “victim.”

> A: I was beaten by an interrogation officer. Several prisoners were also
> present. I was supposed to tell how many people I shot or hanged. I can
> say with a conscience that I never killed a person. Thereupon, I was
> beaten over the head with sticks and rubber hoses until I broke down.

Medical examination contradicted this witness. All investigating bodies
concluded that he was lying.

> (TESTIMONY OF DR. WITTELER, microfilm pages 000327-331).
> A: During my interrogation I had to sit in front of the desk of Lt.
> Guth. A spotlight was turned on me which stood on the desk. Lt. Guth
> stood behind the spotlight and the interrogation started. “We
> know you, we have the necessary records about you…” I started to make
> an explanation. I was immediately stopped. I was yelled at. He called me
> a swine, criminal, liar, murderer, and that is the way the interrogation
> continued. I couldn’t give any explanations. I was only told to answer
> “yes” or “no”… I was interrupted immediately and told that all I had
> to do was answer “yes” and “no”. I couldn’t even explain it. I was told
> to shut up and to answer “yes” or “no”… since it was not like he
> thought it was, I had to get up and stand. So I stood up until 1:30 in
> the morning – seven hours.

Please note that there is no allegation of physical mistreatment. The
sentence of this individual was commuted because these methods were
considered improper.

> A: No, I answered that it is not correct… this statement was not
> written in my presence. It was written in another room. The reporter was
> with me in the room all the time, but the statement was
> written in another room.

So what?

Remainder of post, which consists of testimony that the charges Giwer
makes are untrue are deleted. Odd, isn’t it, that even when Giwer posts
something from his nazi sources, they contradict his assertions. There were
extensive investigations made into the allegations of physical abuse which Giwer
makes. One was made by an independent army commission, one was made by
a Congressional committee under the influence of Joe MacCarthy, one was
made by Lucius Clay. None found the slightest bit of evidence that the charges
of physical abuse were true. Various other methods, such as the prolonged
interrogations under bright lights were found to be true and the sentences of
those persons commuted. It was also found that these methods were not
generally used in the interrogations but were limited to those (like Kick) who were
accused of particpating in the Malmedy Massacre.

Perhaps now Matty-poo will explain why those methods that he claims
were standard, were considered so outrageous that the sentences were

Perhaps he’ll just lie and call people names.

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