Lie, Giwer Matt


In my e-mail exchanges with Mr. Giwer I have on multiple occasions told
Mr. Giwer that:

– Marduk is NOT an employee of Internet Direct.
– Marduk does NOT have root access at Internet Direct. I likewise told
Mr. Giwer that I did NOT say otherwise to his old I.S.P. (
– I will NOT provide him with ANY personal information about ANY Internet
Direct clients (unless of course said request comes with a court order
signed by a Canadian judge 🙂 ).
– So long as Marduk (or any other Internet Direct customers) are within
Internet Direct’s Acceptable Use Policy and the criminal code of Canada
we will not take action against their account.

So in answer the question below, you have my permission to note that I
have never identified Marduk to Mr. Giwer. Likewise if a testimonial that
Marduk’s real name is something other than “Gord McFee” would be of some
assistance I would be very willing to write it. Or if you can suggest
other ways in which I could reasonably be of assistance in dealing with
Mr. Giwer, please let me know.

I have been loging ALL of the corespondence I have had with Mr. Giwer, and
with other Internet Direct staff regarding Mr. Giwer. That file is now
(over the course of two months) at over 160 messages, and I have reached
the point of being fed up with Mr. Giwer. Likewise I am annoyed at the
amount of time wasted dealing with his … trash.

Colin McGregor
System Administrator
Internet Direct

Date: Mon, 13 May 1996 09:39:52 -0400 (EDT)
From: Colin McGregor

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