Lie dem bones, Giwer Matt

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> Add one more distortion if you like. The fact remains that the pelvis
> and the skull are the bones most like to survive any form of cremation
> and the skull is never mentioned by those so-called eyewitnesses.

And, as you know, your statement — as far as the cranium is
concerned — is not a fact. It is something you dreamed up. You have not even
bothered to invent a source like the “otherwise authoritative reference” you
once used. That was an lice infested teenager, as I recall.

The heavy weight-bearing bones such as the vertabrae and the femur
(anong with the pelvis) are much more likely to survive cremation. Who says so:

1. The founder of the International Skeletal Society and author of the
standard text on diagnosis of bone disease. His first published book was a
chapter in a book on the radiology of the skull.

2. The current chairperson of the committee of the board of
certification in radiology in charge of formulating and approving all questions
asked of candidates. Her book was the radiology of traumatic injuries.

They say you are wrong.

But you knew that already.

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