Lie cyanide traces, Giwer Matt

[email protected] Matt Giwer
[email protected] Daniel Keren wrote:

## Show me your evidence that there are traces on the *outside*
## walls. I have a feeling you’re confusing this gas chamber with
## some delousing chambers that indeed have traces on the outside walls.

# You suddenly have a change of heart. If you had a problem with that
# you would have challenged the holohuggers a few months ago when they
# offered their own explanation for why it was on the outside walls
# of gas chambers.

Sorry, nazi-boy, you’re not going to get away with this one.

It is true that there are cyanide traces on the outside walls of
some of the delousing chambers. But you spoke specifically of the
gas chamber of Krema I, which was a homicidal gas chamber.

You can’t run away from this. Either provide evidence that it has
cyanide traces on its outside walls, or admit you lied.

## First, let us see if there are indeed any traces on the outside.
## Source, please?

# Your fellow holohuggers a few months ago.

No do, nazi-boy. This was with regard to the delousing chambers,
not the Krema I gas chamber.

Provide evidence it has cyanide traces on its outside walls or admit
you lied.

-Danny Keren.

In Message-ID: <[email protected]>,Matt Giwer
suggested that documents about a “gas chamber” and “gassing cellar”
in the Birkenau crematoriums didn’t count, as they were really due
to “a morbid sense of humor” of the SS men who authored the documents.

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