Lie consider it retracted, Giwer Matt

[email protected] Daniel Keren wrote:

>[email protected] writes:

># If you are retracting your claim that you had pictures
># that would prove people were burned alive just say so.

>Oh God, oh God, oh almighty God, what have we done to deserve

>You’re just too much.

>Look. You have to learn to read. And understand the text you’re
>reading. It’s impossible to go on like this.

>The photos from Gardelegen and Thekla show people who were
>burned alive.

>The photos from Buchenwald do not.

>I explained this very clearly, a few times.

># You have avoided this one quite enough.
>Learn to read for God’s sake. It’s impossible to go on like this.

>-Danny Keren.

Consider it retracted.

>In Message-ID: <[email protected]>, Matt Giwer
>suggested that documents about a “gas chamber” and “gassing cellar”
>in the Birkenau crematoriums didn’t count, as they were really due
>to “a morbid sense of humor” of the SS men who authored the documents.

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Subject: Another gas chamber
From: [email protected] (Matt Giwer)
Date: Thu, 13 Jun 1996 21:52:14 GMT

Guess what? I found a gas chamber in the old Reich. I have also found
powdered cyanide.

“Inside the showerbath [ at Dachau]- the gas vents. On the ceiling- the
dummy shower heads. In
the engineers’ room- the intake and outlet pipes. Push buttons to
control inflow and outtake of
gas. A hand-valve to regulate pressure. Cyanide powder was used to
generate the lethal smoke.
From the gas chamber, the bodies were removed to the crematory. ”
IMT XXX – p.470.

Amazing what you can find if you look around.

And holohuggers are going to believe it.

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