Lie bendel belsen, Giwer Matt

[email protected] Matt Giwer writes:

A truly spectacular lie from Giwer; have a look, this is
classical “revisionist tactic”.

# In Lueneburg, Germany, a Jewish physician, testifying at the
# trial of 45 men and women for war crimes at the Belsen and
# Oswiecim [Auschwitz] concentration camps, said that 80,000
# Jews, representing the entire ghetto of Lodz, Poland, had been
# gassed or burned to death in one night at the Belsen camp.

A lie, of course. Dr. Bendel

1) Said the gassing took place in Auschwitz-Birkenu, not Belsen.

2) Didn’t say that all the people were murdered in one night.

This is, again, a typical “revisionist” tactic: lie about a
testimony, and distort what a witness really said, in order
to make him/her look unreliable.

-Danny Keren.

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